Jimmy Johnson – Nascar Driver

Jimmy Johnson was born on September 17, 1975 in El Cajon, California. He graduated high school in 1993. You might think he began racing competitively after high school just like many other drivers, but Jimmy got started long before that. He started racing in competitive events when he was only 5 years old. To make the story even sweeter, he won his first big motorcycle race despite a knee injury. There is no confirmation on the type of knee injury. After all, how many five year olds return to a race after a real knee injury? F

or all we know, he told his mom he had a boo-boo. Whatever the case may be, he won. Following that race, he continued racing in various different forms, including swimming. His other two big sports were diving and polo.

Now you know Jimmy Johnson a little bit better than you did before, but we haven’t even gotten started yet. Did you know that Jimmy is 5 feet, 11 inches and 165 pounds? Of course, that weight might sway a little depending on the season, but he’s not a large fellow and he stays in good shape.

Jimmy Johnson rides the #48 car … Read more at FryingPanSports

How Do You Become A Racing Driver?

Motorsport has been big business for over half a century, and rightly so. Whether it’s the glitz and glamour of open-wheeled Formula One racing, the all-American thrills of NASCAR or the more obscure feeder series’ for these and other high profile racing events, seeing those death-defying vehicles race around might well inspire you to ask ‘couldn’t I do that?’. This blog post aims to answer that question with some simple tips and difficult truths:

The Age Question

If you’re a fan of motorsport, it won’t have escaped your attention that drivers are often very young. Michael Schumacher is the oldest racing driver in Formula One at 42, and despite being seven time world champion, he is considered past his prime (as he was five years ago, when he announced his initial retirement). The last time anyone over forty one a world championship was Jack Brabham, back in 1966. In the last decade, the only person over 35 has been Schumacher himself.

If you’re reading this how-to guide for yourself whilst seriously considering a career in motorsport, you will have to understand that starting young is considered essential for competing in most of the big-name championships. This doesn’t mean that there … Read more at FryingPanSports

Saturday's Niblets from around the net.

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Saturday’s Niblets from around the net.


By Bill Smith

Best comment of the week:

On Thursday’s article What to look for at the Combine—Offense by 2008 Taxes

Great information about what to look for in an NFL quarterback. I think high school kids should consider going to an NFL style system in college before signing with a team that plays some weird kind of spread.

That is a great point. It is one of the reasons that USC and other teams that use a traditional NFL style offense do so well at bringing drop back QBs to play for them. More athletic QBs that are more run oriented than drop back passer go to schools with the spread offense to take maximum advantage of their ability.

Updates from previous editorials:

On Texas Tech AD needs to have his head downsized from 2/18/09

Mike Leach and the administration have reached agreement. So far there is a gag order on the details of the agreement. The fans, particularly those with a history of large donations to the university, complained loudly about the problem. It is most likely that the Board of Regents slapped down AD Gerald Myers’ attempt to super … Read more at FryingPanSports