Fanatics Sues Marvin Harrison Jr. for Breach of Contract

Fanatics vs Marvin Harrison Jr

So, a little drama is going down between a clothing company called Fanatics and football rookie Marvin Harrison Jr . Apparently, Fanatics says they have a deal with him in March 2023, but Marvin Jr. hasn’t performed yet. Marvin Jr. says there’s no contract at all!

Fanatics vs Marvin Harrison Jr


  • Fanatics and Harrison established a professional relationship in March 2023.
  • The company signed him to a multi-year, non-exclusive limited promotion and licensing agreement.
  • The alleged contract, worth at least $1 million, covered autographs, signed trading cards, game-worn apparel, and other marketing opportunities.

The Dispute

  • Fanatics contends that Harrison has ignored several requests to fulfill his obligations.
  • Harrison allegedly demanded that Fanatics match or exceed offers from other companies without providing details.
  • Marvin Harrison Sr., the Hall of Fame receiver and Harrison Jr.’s father, is representing him.

Legal Action

  • Fanatics filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court, seeking damages for the contract breach.
  • The company hopes the suit will compel Harrison Jr. to fulfill his obligations.
  • The dispute occurs while Harrison Jr. remains unsigned in the NFLPA group licensing agreement.


Fanatics is suing Marvin Jr. in court, hoping to make him follow through with the deal and get some money back. This … Read more at FryingPanSports

Tommy Eichenberg: A Gritty Linebacker with Old-School Charm

Tommy Eichenberg

Forget fancy footwork, Tommy Eichenberg is all about getting down and dirty on the field. In today’s NFL filled with sleek linebackers, Tommy’s like a classic record spinning in an age of streaming. This dude loves contact, throws himself into every play, and leaves his mark on the game, old school style.

Tommy Eichenberg
Tommy Eichenberg

The Raider’s Perfect Fit

Las Vegas grabbed Tommy with the 148th pick in the draft, and let’s just say it’s a match made in football heaven. Why? Because Tommy brings the aggression the Raiders crave in their defense. He’s all about the physical side of the game, and Raider Nation is gonna love it.

The Good, the Bad, and the Old-School

Let’s break down Eichenberg’s scouting report:

The Positives

  • Instincts Against the Run: Eichenberg reads plays quickly, positioning himself to take on blocks or make crucial stops.
  • Physicality: He’s strong and physical at the point of attack, extending against offensive linemen.
  • Linear Speed: When charging downhill, he creates stalemates or wins battles against fullbacks.
  • Tackling Technique: Eichenberg wraps up well, minimizing missed tackles.
  • Tampa 2 Coverage: His speed allows him to carry routes against tight ends in this scheme.

The Negatives

  • Lateral Movement: Eichenberg struggles
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London Merritt: The Next Big Thing for Ohio State?

London Merritt

The Ohio State University has a tradition of developing NFL defensive linemen and edge players. Names like Joey and Nick Bosa, Chase Young, and Zach Harrison are examples of Buckeyes wreaking havoc on quarterbacks. And they’re on the lookout for the next star to add to that legacy of prospects. London Merritt might just be their 2025 guy.

London Merritt

Merritt, an edge rusher rated four stars from IMG Academy, is regarded as one of the best players available in the 2025 class. More than 45 scholarship offers from universities including Alabama, Florida, USC, and Texas attest to his unquestionable potential. Ohio State stands out for Merritt, making them a contender in his recruitment over other programs.

“I’m really feeling Ohio State,” Merritt shared in a recent interview. “They’ve got a proven track record of developing defensive linemen into NFL players. Plus, the atmosphere there is awesome, and I really connect with the coaches.”

Coach Mike Peterson

Merritt has a particularly strong connection with Florida’s edge coach, Mike Peterson, who’s been recruiting him since Merritt was just a sophomore in Georgia. Peterson’s genuine personality and knowledge of the game have definitely won Merritt over.

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Brandon Jordan Joins the Buckeye Football Coaching Staff

Brandon Jordan

Ohio State’s football program has made new today, the team has unveiled Brandon Jordan as the latest addition to its defensive coaching staff. Listen, Jordan isn’t your average coaching recruit. Dude’s got seasoned pass rush magic in his playbook, homed in the fires of both college ball at Michigan State and the pro game with the Seahawks last year. He knows how to get after the quarterback like a heat-seeking missile, and that’s exactly the kind of juice the Ohio State defense needs. This isn’t just some fancy coaching jargon, folks. This is about bringing the heat and putting fear in the eyes of opposing signal-callers. Mark my words, Jordan’s going to have those Buckeyes D-linemen breathing fire.

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan Track Record

Prior to coming to the Buckeyes, Jordan made his mark as a pass rush specialist with the NFL Seattle Seahawks. This stint followed a successful tenure at Michigan State back in 2022, where he held the title of Pass Rush Specialist coach. His knack for elevating the performance of defensive players, especially those skilled in pass rushing, positions him as a valuable asset to Ohio State’s coaching lineup.

A New Chapter at Ohio State

So, Jordan’s … Read more at FryingPanSports

Unveiling the Trendy All-Gray Uniforms: Ohio State University’s Bold Fashion Revolution on the Football Field

All-gray Uniforms

Ohio State University has been a force to be reckoned with on the football field, and now they are taking their game to a whole new level – the fashion game, that is! The iconic university recently revealed their stunning all-gray football uniforms, setting the sports world abuzz with excitement. This bold and stylish move has caught the attention of fans, fashion enthusiasts, and sports pundits alike. With their sleek, modern design and eye-catching appeal, the Buckeyes are undoubtedly poised to make a lasting fashion statement on the field. Join us as we delve deeper into this trendy transformation by Ohio State.

All-Gray Uniforms

The Evolution of Ohio State’s Uniforms

For years, Ohio State University has maintained a rich tradition of sporting distinctive and eye-catching uniforms that have become synonymous with excellence. From the iconic scarlet and gray to the occasional special-themed designs, the Buckeyes have consistently showcased their school spirit with pride. However, as fashion evolves, so do uniform styles, and Ohio State is not one to be left behind.

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Ohio State Bolsters Offensive Line with San Diego State Transfer Josh Simmons

The Ohio State Buckeyes have strengthened their offensive line with the addition of Josh Simmons, a transfer from San Diego State. Learn more about this talented player.

Josh Simmons has joined the offensive line for the Ohio State Buckeyes after transferring from San Diego State. Simmons is predicted to have a huge impact on the club thanks to his remarkable abilities and expertise. Find out more about this gifted player and the contributions he makes to the Buckeyes.

Josh Simmons has been added by the Buckeyes via the transfer portal as a potential starter this year. Simmons played 799 plays as the starting right tackle last season while spending the previous two years at San Diego State. Josh Simmons, a rookie right tackle for Ohio State who transferred from San Diego State, is more concerned with getting better than securing a starting position.

San Diego State Transfer Josh Simmons

Who is Josh Simmons?

Josh Simmons, an offensive lineman with skill, just made the switch from San Diego State to Ohio State. He participated in 25 games for the Aztecs, starting in 22, and was selected to the second team of the Mountain West Conference in 2019. Simmons, who stands 6’6″ and weighs 315 pounds, adds … Read more at FryingPanSports