London Merritt: The Next Big Thing for Ohio State?

The Ohio State University has a tradition of developing NFL defensive linemen and edge players. Names like Joey and Nick Bosa, Chase Young, and Zach Harrison are examples of Buckeyes wreaking havoc on quarterbacks. And they’re on the lookout for the next star to add to that legacy of prospects. London Merritt might just be their 2025 guy.

London Merritt

Merritt, an edge rusher rated four stars from IMG Academy, is regarded as one of the best players available in the 2025 class. More than 45 scholarship offers from universities including Alabama, Florida, USC, and Texas attest to his unquestionable potential. Ohio State stands out for Merritt, making them a contender in his recruitment over other programs.

“I’m really feeling Ohio State,” Merritt shared in a recent interview. “They’ve got a proven track record of developing defensive linemen into NFL players. Plus, the atmosphere there is awesome, and I really connect with the coaches.”

Coach Mike Peterson

Merritt has a particularly strong connection with Florida’s edge coach, Mike Peterson, who’s been recruiting him since Merritt was just a sophomore in Georgia. Peterson’s genuine personality and knowledge of the game have definitely won Merritt over.

“He is a very good dude, a very genuine dude,” Merritt said of Peterson. “He made me feel very comfortable, when I went there. That’s one of the main things for my decision, I want to have a great relationship with my position coach. We talked about my position and where I’ll be playing. He told me things that would help me in the future.”

Scouting Report

On the field, Merritt is a versatile weapon. He can line up in various positions, bringing both explosiveness and adaptability to the defensive line. He recently transferred to IMG Academy, a powerhouse program known for pushing players to the limit.

In January, Merritt made a move by transferring to IMG Academy in Florida. This program is known for attracting the nation’s top talent, and Merritt says it’s been a game-changer. “IMS has been amazing,” he shared. “The coaches and players here have pushed me to play better. I’m definitely getting me ready for college football. The competition is fierce and the intensity is off the charts.”

Merritt himself is a versatile weapon on the defensive line. He can line up in different positions, bringing both explosiveness and adaptability to the field. His secret weapons are a lightning-fast first step, a punch that throws blockers off balance, and a motor that never stops. He can also overpower opponents, outmaneuver them, or outsmart them. And if the situation demands it, he can even drop back and contribute in coverage.

Nolan Smith and Micah Parsons

He looks up to former IMG standout Nolan Smith and ex-Penn State star Micah Parsons, both currently in the NFL. “I imagine myself playing edge in college,” Merritt said. “Mainly because it showcases my versatility. I see myself kind of like a Micah Parsons.” “I probably see myself playing edge (in college),” Merritt said. “Mainly because it would show my versatility. I see myself like a Micah Parsons.”

Official Visits

Merritt has not set a timeline for his decision. He plans to take official visits this summer. He mentioned that among the universities he wants to visit are USC, Texas, and North Carolina, including Ohio State. He wants to go to a school where he can get an excellent education, where the football program is great, and where he fits in well.

Merritt remarked, “I’m just looking for the best place for me.” “A place where I can grow as a person and a player, and where I can achieve my goals and dreams.” Fans of Ohio State are hopeful Merrit chooses Columbus, where he may be the defensive lineman team’s future star.

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