Why Ohio State Could Be the Perfect Fit for Devontae Armstrong’s Football Career

Devontae Armstrong, an offensive lineman with immense potential, may be headed to Ohio State University for his college football career. Here’s why.

Devontae Armstrong is a standout athlete who has attracted the attention of college football recruiters across the country. With his impressive size and skill set, he’s expected to make an impact at the next level. One school that seems particularly interested in him is Ohio State University. In this article, we’ll explore why Armstrong might be destined for a future in Columbus.

Deontae and Devontae Armstrong took a trip to see Ohio States boys basketball game against Iowa with staff members Jan. 21, a week after receiving their Ohio State offer from offensive line coach Justin Fry. Deontae and Devontae Armstrong received offers from Ohio State and were also recruited by Big Ten foes Penn State and Michigan State in January.

Devontae Armstrong

Ohio State 2024 Class

If Deontae and Devontae Armstrong opt for Ohio State, that would give Ohio State two additional offensive linemen to pair with 2024 Top 100 Prospect Ian Moore, who committed in October. Michigan offensive line coach Sharon Moore has made a point of prioritizing Devontae Armstrong when competing against rivals in the recruiting race.

Devontae Armstrongs list includes programs like Michigan, Penn State, Michigan and Kentucky, all of which solidified their rise in recruiting rankings by making offers in the 20s. The armstrong twins understand how the big-time recruiting works and are patient, and simply getting a chance to go camp and work with the Buckeyes staff was an absolute delight.

Grew Up Watching The Buckeyes

Deontae and Devontae Armstrong both grew up watching Ohio State, which was something Deontae Armstrong could not help but think about as he and his twin brother worked out at Buckeyes recruit camp in June alongside offensive line coach Justin Fry. Devontae and Deontae Armstrong, identical twin brothers, are heading into their junior seasons at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, as the starting offensive linemen at right tackle and left guard, respectively. The two are seen matched up with their respective positions, with 6-foot-7, 280-pound Deontae Armstrong playing right tackle and 6-foot-6, 288-pound Devontae playing left guard for St. Edward.

Ohio State is also recruiting 2024 OT teammate Ben Roebuck, who has two projected 247Sports Crystal Balls at Ohio State. His visit to Ann Arbor follows a visit by wide receivers coach Ron Bellamy earlier in the week, while the Michigan Wolverines continued their recruitment of five-star 2023 tackle Nikkole Harbor as a lead tackler. Deontae Armstrong, part of the 2024 class, announced his talks with head coach Jeff Coonz led to an offer.

OSU Has a Strong Football Program

Ohio State University has a renowned football program with an outstanding track record, producing some of the best players in the game.

Ohio State University boasts a strong and well-established football program with a long history of success. The team consistently ranks among the top in the nation, attracting some of the best athletic talent from across the country. In addition to providing a high level of coaching and training, Ohio State also has numerous resources to support its players on and off the field, helping them achieve their full potential both as athletes and students. This powerful combination of resources makes Ohio State an attractive option for any talented athlete like Devontae Armstrong who is serious about pursuing a career in football.

Excellent Coaching Staff

With top-notch coaches such as Urban Meyer and Ryan Day, Ohio State’s coaching staff is one of the best in college football. They have a proven track record of developing strong players, offering guidance and support both on and off the field.

Devontae Armstrong can rest assured that he will receive top-notch coaching as part of Ohio State’s football program. With legendary coach Urban Meyer and current head coach Ryan Day at the helm, Ohio State’s coaching staff boasts a strong track record of developing talented players. These coaches have experience training both offensive and defensive linemen like Armstrong to become successful on the field. Additionally, they offer guidance and support off the field, helping players balance their athletic commitments with their academic pursuits. Armstrong could benefit tremendously from this experienced and dependable coaching staff if he chooses to join the Ohio State football team.

Big Ten Conference Affiliation

Being part of the Big Ten Conference gives Ohio State ample opportunities to compete against some of the strongest teams in college football, gaining more experience and exposure for their players.

One major reason why Ohio State could be the perfect fit for Devontae Armstrong’s football career is its affiliation with the Big Ten Conference. Competing against some of the strongest teams in college football can only improve a player’s skills and experience, making them an even greater asset to their team. As a part of this conference, Ohio State has access to top-notch facilities and resources that can help players like Armstrong succeed both on and off the field. Plus, being part of this prestigious conference can increase their exposure as athletes, giving them more opportunities to showcase their talents in front of scouts and recruiters at higher levels. All of these factors make Ohio State an excellent choice for any talented football player looking to take their game to the next level.

Quality Education

Ohio State also offers great education opportunities that will give Devontae Armstrong a solid foundation for his future career after football is over.

In addition to its impressive football program and affiliation with the Big Ten Conference, Ohio State also offers a high-quality
education that can set Armstrong up for success even after his football career is over. The university has a wide range of academic programs and resources, including highly regarded business and engineering schools, as well as opportunities for research and internships that can help him gain valuable experience in his field. With access to top-notch facilities and expert faculty members, Armstrong can receive a well-rounded education that will prepare him for any future career path he may choose. This combination of athletic and academic excellence is what makes Ohio State an ideal fit for a talented athlete like Armstrong who is looking to excel both on and off the field.

Potential NFL Prospects

Ohio State consistently produces NFL prospects, with several alumni currently playing in professional leagues, which could create excellent opportunities for Devontae’s future beyond college football.

Ohio State University is known for producing top NFL prospects, a fact that cannot be ignored when considering Devontae Armstrong’s future beyond college football. With several alumni currently playing at the professional level, including Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State has demonstrated its ability to cultivate successful football players. The university also offers resources and support systems specifically designed to help athletes transition from college athletics to professional careers. By choosing Ohio State, Armstrong would not only have access to a strong football program and high-quality education but also potential opportunities in the NFL after graduation.

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