Thank the CBA for a lot of bad NFL football.

Manziel Money

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day including details about the Brady case and broke down the Browns offense in detail. We discussed which players will make the roster and which will be cut.

The quality of play in the NFL is going down. That has nothing to do with the quality of the athletes. Every season the rookies get better and more athletic. Rather we can blame the CBA and the sloppy practice habits of NFL teams.

I have always believed that the success in the season is determined before the 1st snap of the 1st game. It is the mental and physical preparation that happens in training camp and the preseason that determines how successful the team will be.

Anyone that has watched the NFL channel training camp coverage has to be surprised at the amount of time spend just standing around. The current CBA reduces the amount of practice time dramatically. But the NFL coaches have not adjusted to the limits well.

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Brady & the NFLPA risk it all by requesting an injunction.


NOTE: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, discussed the NFLPA’s chances of winning in court and broke down the Browns offense in detail. We discussed which players will make the roster and which will be cut.

Tom Brady and the NFLPA are risking a lot by requesting the court to issue a preliminary injunction. First, the burden of proof falls totally on those requesting the injunction. They have to prove that Brady will be irreparable harm unless the injunction is issued. In addition they have to prove that they will likely win the case.

The problem is that even if they get the injunction they lose control over the schedule of the process. For example, if they get the injunction, it could take the court 3 to 4 months to hear the case. If the court upholds the suspension, Brady could miss 4 games late in the season or in the playoffs. The NFL and NFLPA have jointly requested that the judge make a decision before the start of the regular season.

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The NFLPA is going to court to renegotiate the CBA.


NOTE: Monday on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day and projected what the 2015 NFL season could be if the Browns had drafted Teddy Bridgewater rather than Johnny Manziel.

Putting the current issues of Tom Brady aside, one thing is clear. The NFLPA wants it cake and wants to eat it too. When the NFLPA had the chance to take the power of the Commissioner away, the leadership chose to take the money.

Now, they want the court to correct that mistake in the Brady case. This should be totally rejected by the court. In most cases, the court defers to a collective bargaining agreement in cases like this. The fact that the NFLPA agreed to allow the Commissioner to be the final arbiter of suspension cases should give the court all it needs to refuse this case.

But this is far from the only time that the NFLPA has fought for money for the current players over the interests of others. They turned their backs on the retired players, those guys that built the league to the point that the current players can get such big dollars.

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Brady & the NFLPA need to shut up!


NOTE: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I broke down the Browns depth chart and projected starters.

Those of you that read FPS regularly know I have no love for either the League and Roger Goodell or the NFLPA. But really the NFLPA has to shut up about wanting an independent hearing officer for appeals of penalties.

The NFLPA wanted every cent possible for the current players in the last negotiations for the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

They sold out the retired players. They took every dime they could for the active players and totally ignored the needs of the retired players. If I was a former NFL player I would sue the NFLPA for lack of representation and support. The NFLPA claims to represent the retired players but all they do is throw the old folks under the bus. The sad part is that the retired players built the league so that the current players can make the money they enjoy. It reminds me of Joan of Arc. She led the french to a victory in the 100 years war against England. The French thanked her by burning her at the stake.

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Browns are somewhat guilty for the Gordon suspension.


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There is no question that WR Josh Gordon has a major problem. Time and time again he has put his career at risk from pot or in the latest case alcohol. He has cost himself a couple of million dollars because he does not have the self control to stay away from those things that can get him suspended.

The common belief is that Gordon is suspended for a year. That is not the case. Under NFL rules, it is an indefinite suspension. He will continue to be tested during the suspension. He must stay violation free for at least a year to apply for reinstatement. 

But in my opinion the Browns are nearly as guilty as the player. When Dallas had problems with the player formerly known as Pacman, they hired a guy to keep him out of trouble. While the babysitter did not solve the issue for the Boys, it could have with Gordon. Gordon has shown no violence tendencies.

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I am the Good. The NFL & NFLPA can cut up the Bad & Ugly.

Goodell Pressed

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Neither the NFL or NFLPA have a leg on which to stand in the argument over the Commissioner’s powers in personal conduct issues.

The NFL has been totally inconsistent in deciding penalties for players. I detailed the randomness of the penalties in my editorial Roger Goodell’s NFL Wheel of Misfortune!” (

One would assume that the power given to one man would result in consistent decisions. The fact is Roger Godell’s decisions appear to have been the result of throwing darts at a dart board filled with suspensions of various lengths.

Then there is the ridiculous claim by Goodell that he never saw the video of what Ray Rice did in the elevator. Local law enforcement said they sent the tape to the NFL. But it seems that there were two people with the same name and the tape went to the janitor rather than the head of security.

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