Top 5 Questions facing NFC East teams

DA fell badly last year. Part was due to Elliot being suspended but also Prescott did not play well. D is what cost DA PO.
5 Will the addition of W Allen Hurns means the end of Dez Bryant in DA?
4 Will the reshuffled OL be able to play better than last year?
3 The D was bad last year keeping DA out of the playoffs. Will it improve enough to get them back this season?
2 Can Ezekiel Elliott stay on the field to help the O & D with his rushing?
1 Can Dak Prescott get back to his level of play in 16 or will he continue to struggle this season?
Cap space cuts hurt but this team can’t be as bad as last year, can they?
5 Can the run gm be decent w/o Orleans Darkwa who is in CR?
4 Can the reworked OL get better under the new coaching staff?
3 Will the WR group include Beckham? Can that group recover from all the injuries?
2 NG SBS were based on Pass Rush. Where will it come from this year? Not from the LB group that was HORRIBLE.
1 Will Eli play better this year?
The SB Win was great but cap issues & the satisfied feeling may be a problem.
5 Will LT Jason Peters come back or will Lane move to LT?
4 Can the D play as well this year as they did last year?
3 Can the run game survive the loss of RB Blount & Sprols?
2 Can W Alston Jeffery help PH O get better?
1 How many games will Wentz play this season?
Can new QB Smith make the Skins a Super Bowl contender?
5 Can the rebuild WR group perform better with Smith rather than Cousins?
4 The RBS & TE groups were hurt last year. Will they all recover and play well this year?
3 Will the rebuilt Dbackfield be better with the addition of CB Orlando Scrandrick?
2 Can the rebuild D play better than last year?
1 Q Smith will not have as many toys as he had in KC. Can he make it work in WA?
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