Top 5 Questions facing NFC North teams.

Can the new coaching staff headed by HC Matt Nagy turn the team around?
5 Can CH find a TE that can be an effective safety valve for Trubisky.
4 Can the D play as well this year as they did last year?
3 Will the rebuilt WR group be better this year with Allen Robinson & Taylor Gabriel?
2 CH depended on the run a lot. Is RB Jordan Howard the real deal or just a 1 year wonder?
1 Will Q Mitchell Trubisky be allowed to throw down field more this season?
5 Will DT find a TE since they cut Ebron?
4 Can the D play as well this year as they did last year?
3 Can RB LeGarrette Blount get a run gm going that has been dormant for years?
2 Can anyone get the OL going to protect Stafford & help the run game going?
1 Can OC Jim Bob Cooter keep Matt Stafford playing as well as he did in 17?
GB had a bad season last year when Rodgers went down with an injury.
5 Can GB figure out how to use TE Jimmy Graham because SE never did?
4 Will the OL be able to protect Rodgers & help the run game?
3 The 3-4 is not working. Can the back 8 of the D start to produce?
2 Will the WR group survive the loss of Rodgers’ favorite WR Nelson?
1 With Aaron Rodgers back, can GB get to the playoffs again?
MN took a HUGE risk in signing Q Curt Cousins to a fully guaranteed 84M contract.
5 Will the rebuilt DL play as well as it did last season?
4 Will the WR group be helped by the addition of Kendall Wright?
3 Will the rebuilt OL protect Cousins & keep the run game going?
2 Can the run game equal the way they played last year?
1 Can Curt Cousins get MN to a SB?

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