Top 5 questions facing The AFC North teams


Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens


The biggest issues are OL, Dbackfield & Flacco.
5 Will the two injured G’s from last year recover and solve the OL issue?
4 Was RB Collins a one year wonder or will he be able to average 4.8 yards/att that he had last year?
3 How will the new WR group solve the issues they had last year?
2 Will the rebuilt Dbackfield play better this year than they did last year?
1 Will Flacco ever get back to all pro level of play?
The biggest issue with CL is the head coach. How did he keep his job after going 1-31 in 2 seasons?
5 RB Hyde is the new RB but will Jackson allow him to carry the ball enough?
4 Will WR Josh Gordon stay clean & eligible to play this year?
3 Will the reworked Dbackfield produce better than last year?
2 Who will play LT since Joe Thomas retired?
1 Can Q Taylor get CL to win enough games to get him resigned or will the Rookie start next year?
CN was bad last year. Unless the run game gets better, it will be worse this year.
5 Will the rebuilt Dbackfield recover from a very down year?
4 Will the WR group add a guy that can help Green get open?
3 Can the run game get going?
2 Will the OL get better or be as bad as last year? They did trade for LT Glenn from BF.
1 Can Q RV Dalton get back to a decent level of play & get
The Dbackfield has played badly but the O is down too.
5 Will Bell play without a long term contract?
4 Can the OL get better ?
3 Can the D avoid the flood of injuries that it suffered last year?
1 Will Rothlesburger get them into SB?
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