Top 10 Injury-Prone Sports In The World

Are you the sporting type? It’s great if you are; there’s nothing like indulging in your favorite sport. Here are ten great, popular sports that are also the most injury-prone. We’ve also provided some basic statistics of the number of injuries reported due to these sports in a year.

10. Street Luging

Street luging involves rolling down busy highways while lying on elongated skateboard. There are no brakes, and the sportsperson is placed at just an inch from the road surface. Passing vehicles will perceive the skateboard as a puddle on the road, which increases the danger. Street luging is illegal in many countries in the world.

Injury statistics: About 5 to 15 people die or are badly injured every year while participating in street luging in each country where the sport is allowed.

09. Heliskiing

Heliskiing involves being helicoptered to high snowcaps, where sportspersons dive off on to virgin slopes wearing skis. This extreme sport causes many accidents and deaths every year, as many are trapped in avalanches, or are injured while falling on their skis.

Injury statistics: 45 to 50 people are seriously and sometimes fatally injured while heliskiing every year.

08. Big-Wave Surfing

Surfing can be … Read more at FryingPanSports