Preventing Injuries: For the Backyard Junkies & the Big Dogs

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Whether you are a professional athlete, training for your first marathon or simply playing pick-up games of basketball from time to time with your neighbors, you are susceptible to injury and should take preventative measures to stay safe. These tips also apply to youth, whose growing bodies need extra care.

Warm Up

In any level of sport, you should already know about the need to warm your muscles up for the ensuing physical activity. However, you may not be doing it properly, for long enough or maybe you’re not warming up at all. Your muscles need time to acclimate to the pressures that you are about to cause. This does not have to be a long activity. A quick paced walk for five minutes before a run works well or jumping jacks before a game is also suitable.


A routine of stretching is absolutely necessary to keep muscles agile and performing at their peak. Depending on your activity, you should stretch the muscles that will be strained the most during your exercise. Your quads, hamstrings and back muscles are particularly susceptible to strain. Be sure to stretch them adequately.

Protein Supplements

After a workout, consuming protein will help re-build your muscles. You will also notice a great improvement in your body’s ability to recover after exercising. You can purchase protein supplements in liquid form or in powder form and make it into a shake. By adding fresh fruit and other supplements such as flax seed you are adding other fabulous nutrients to your hard-working muscles. For youth it is wise to seek the advice of a physician before administering supplements. Their growing bodies have special needs that should be treated with care.

Stay Balanced with adjustments

Sometimes despite our best efforts, our body lacks balance and we may feel strain that keeps us from continuing our exercise routine. In this case, it would be best to see a chiropractor who can make the needed adjustments. It may take more than one appointment to return to balance, but it won’t take too long before you are feeling well again. With clinics all over the country, whether you need a NYC chiropractor or Atlanta chiropractor, you are certain to find one close.

Whatever your desired form of exercise is, you should take measures to prevent injury. Experiencing an injury could have an impact on your status as a teammate, a race participant or a player on the basketball team. Avoid the disappointment by doing your preventative duty.

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