Andy Dalton turns into a pumpkin after dark.


NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from the week, and reviewed all week 10 games including the Browns/Steelers.

Admittedly the pumpkin reference was way too easy given the “Browns-lite” Bengal jerseys worn in the game against the Texans. But yet again Bengal QB Andy Dalton turned into a pumpkin after the sun went down. And this should not surprise anyone that listens to NNR or is a Bengal fan. We have seen it in every playoff disaster since he has been the starter.

Samantha and I thought it might happen in the Thursday game vs the Browns and there were signs but the Browns were so bad that no Dalton fold could have tipped the scales to the opponent.

The issue for the Texans was simple—Pressure Andy and good things will happen. They did and won the game behind a guy that had been their 3rd string QB until Ryan Mallet imploded. The Texan D pressured Andy and in perfect form Andy folded like a discount accordion. He only completed 57% of his throws for just 5.1 yards per attempt. But Dalton was not at all alone in folding after dark.

When the situation was critical after the Texans scored the only TD of the game, Dalton and his receivers caught the “yippes” at the same time. Dalton threw the ball right in the hands of TE Tyler Eifert but he could not hold on. The final blow came when Dalton hit is most reliable WR A.J. Green and he fumbled the ball ending the last chance for a Bengal win.

For all of those fans that thought or hoped that Dalton had changed I say “not so fast my friend.” The Bengals have continued to get better each year since making the playoffs. But without a playoff QB,

their chances of advancing in the playoffs are slim. You can’t change a tiger’s strips.

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Andy Dalton turns into a pumpkin after dark. by

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