DeShawn Stewart Commits to Ohio State: A Game-Changer for the Buckeyes

DeShawn Stewart’s commitment to the Ohio State University coaching staff is a great event for the Buckeyes. As a 4-star safety from DePaul Catholic in New Jersey, Stewart’s decision to join Ohio State over other programs speaks volumes about the Buckeyes’ appeal and reputation in areas not always recruited. His height and weight make him a force on the field, and his dual skills as a safety and corner back showcase his versatility.

DeShawn Stewart
DeShawn Stewart

The Rising Star

At 6’2″ and 185 lbs, Stewart is lanky defensive back that needs to be avoided on the field. His ability to play both safety and corner-back caught the attention of national recruiters. But it was Ohio State that won him over this past weekend, beating out programs like Penn State, Wisconsin, Temple, and Michigan State.

A Perfect Fit

Stewart’s arrival at Ohio State is expected to bring additional depth and talent to the team’s defense. The mutual admiration between Stewart and Coach Matt Guerrieri has been evident since the scholarship offer in January, indicating a strong and evolving player-coach relationship that could greatly benefit the team’s dynamics. Stewart’s skills as a ball hawk, with his exceptional ability to intercept and disrupt plays, will undoubtedly enhance the Buckeyes’ defensive strategies. His physicality and intimidating presence on the field are set to elevate the team’s secondary, making opponents wary and cautious.

What Stewart Brings to the Table

Moreover, Stewart’s versatility, honed from his experience as a cornerback, allows for a flexible defense that can adapt to various in-game scenarios. This adaptability is crucial for Ohio State as they look to diversify their defensive approaches and keep their opponents guessing. The 2025 recruiting class, boasting talents like Devin Sanchez, Na’eem Offord, London Merritt, Zahir Mathis, Tarvos Alford, and Eli Lee, is shaping up to be one of the most promising in recent history. This influx of talent positions Ohio State as a formidable contender for future championships.

The Buckeyes’ 2025 Class

Stewart joins an impressive 2025 recruiting class that includes other standout players like Devin Sanchez, Na’eem Offord, London Merritt, Zahir Mathis, Tarvos Alford, and Eli Lee. With this talent pool, Ohio State is poised for greatness in the coming seasons.

What’s Next?

As anticipation builds among the Buckeye community, fans eagerly await the moment Stewart dons the iconic scarlet and gray. His commitment not only cements Ohio State’s legacy but promises to bring renewed momentum and a winning season for the Buckeyes. The excitement surrounding Stewart’s future contributions is palpable, and his presence on the team could be a game-changer, potentially altering the college football landscape with skill, ability and tactical skills if mixed differently on It should be translation chapter.

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