What is wrong with the San Francisco 49ers?



As everyone that listens to the Internet audio version of News, Notes & Rumors knows, I am a big fan of Colin Kaepernick.  He has clearly not regressed.  So what exactly is wrong with the 1-2 49ers?


5.  The Defense is getting pushed around more than last year.  The Colts game in week 3 was a perfect example of the struggles of the D.  On the first drive SF was called for back to back 15 yard penalties for pass interference.  This SF D is the most penalized in the recent years of the team.  The rush is no longer pressuring the QB into mistakes and the run D is getting gashed.  There have been a number of injuries and Aldon Smith’s leave of absence.


4.  The playcallers give up on the running game without any reason.  The first drive against the Colts displayed the power of the running game and the O line.  They gashed the D with runs of 10+ yards several times in that drive.  The running game kept the linebackers busy and slowed the pass rush.  Once the RB Frank Gore complained openly about the team abandoning the running game.  If the run up the gut is not working the read option and play action passes are not effective.


3.  The D is giving up nearly twice as many points as last season.  Last year the 49ers were second in points allowed at 17.1.  This year they have allowed 28 points per game.


2.  The O line is not as efficient pass or run blocking as they were last year.  The entire line is not having the year they had last season.  There is leakage both on the edges and up the middle in pass protection.  The running backs are not seeing the same size of holes they had last year either.


1.  By far the biggest problem with the team is the receivers are not getting open and by drops.  Kaepernick does not have his starting receivers from last year.  Both Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham are on the Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list.  In game 3 he lost TE Vernon Davis early.  The rest of the receivers are just guys.  Kaepernick’s stats have been hurt by guys not getting open and by dropped passes. 


That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.


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