What it takes to become an NFL Fan

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Are you a fan of the NFL? How do you consider yourself as one? Well, to be a true and proven NFL fan, it goes without saying that you love everything about football—the rules, the regulations, and the intrigue surrounding the league.

What do the letters NFL stand for? NFL is otherwise called the National Football League. This is the biggest among all professional American Football leagues that was formed year 1920. The NFL started with merely 11 members. At present, there are now 32 teams divided into two conferences and four divisions.

Each regular season of the NFL culminates into the championship event that is the Super Bowl. This consists of the division champions from the American Football Conference as well as the National Football Conference. These division champions meet on neutral grounds to garner every NFL fan’s dream, the Super Bowl championship.

The Super Bowl is a big event in the United States, and not just for NFL fans. Some people who do not care that much for the game still watch the Super Bowl for its amazing half-time shows multi-million dollar commercial sponsorships from major US corporations like Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. A big-name celebrity is also picked to lead the singing of the national anthem.

Compared to baseball and auto racing, NFL football have twice as many fans and spectators for each game. This only proves that NFL Football has become a huge phenomenon, with fans that come from every age group, gender, and economic class. And because NFL Football has grown a huge popularity, the NFL sports memorabilia are becoming lucrative investments for various sporting goods franchises. Most of these items find a ready market, whether jerseys, hats, helmets, keychains, mugs, and many more.

Most NFL fans display their loyalty to their respective teams in a number of ways, like wearing the team colors at every game and sporting body paint. Some choose a more subdued route by rooting from their favourite players from the bleachers and participating in various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date and weigh in their own opinions. There are also various sports websites and forums where fans and expert sports analysts alike can share their take on the current NFL seasons. In fact, at around this time, NFL team owners and strategists are preparing for one of the most exciting events in the NFL circle: the NCAA collegiate draft. From a pool of promising rookies playing college football, each team will have the chance to recruit new players into their time. For the rookies, it is the start of a professional career in football. For the teams, it is a chance to get fresh blood that can hopefully improve their teams’ performance. For the fans, it is an exciting time as the next football superstars take their places among their new team rosters.

Thanks to live media streaming and international cable channels like ESPN, the NFL is also winning fans outside of the United States. In fact, NFL games are also being aired and viewed by people around the world.

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