What is RIGHT with the Browns?


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Every Browns fans know that the defense can’t stop the run or the pass. They have seen even very average running backs look like the 2nd coming of Jim Brown against the D. But enough of that.

Craig Lyndall in the yardbarker wrote the following:

I’m just ecstatic to see John DeFilippo use the weapons he has to their fullest. We have watched too many coaches like Pat Shurmur fail miserably to maximize what they were given over the years. In Flip, Browns fans are seeing a guy who doesn’t seem to waste any time bemoaning the lack of a true number one receiver. He also doesn’t bemoan the inability of the team to run the ball. Instead he calls 51 smart passes from Josh McCown.

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I agree with him. On Dec. 3 of last year I wrote an article entitled “The Browns chose wisely for their OC” in which I said He had been the QB coach of the Raiders. But what I like best about him is he brings a history of fixing broken QB mechanics. If the Browns are ever going to get anything out of their 1st round pick of Johnny Manziel, DeFilippo is going to have to do major surgery on Johnny’s mechanics and attitude.

As QB coach for the Jets in 2009, he faced a difficult problem. The team drafted rookie Mark Sanchez who had started just 1 year for USC. It was DeFilippo’s job to turn Sanchez into an NFL starter. He was able to help Sanchez lead the Jets to the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

As QB coach for San Jose State, he molded Jordan La Secla into a serviceable QB that threw for 2860 yards and a QB rating of 125.8 in 2010. The next season he helped Matt Faulkner throw for 3149 yards and a QBR of 131.6.

John DeFilippo has justified my confidence in him. He quickly realized that the Browns were not going to win being a run first O. While the team is 2-3, the O has given fans something about which to be hopeful.

Flip is helping QB Josh McCown use the few weapons they have available. McCown gets rid of the ball quickly. Based upon how the O line is protecting him, that is a really good idea. He is reading the field very well. On the TD throw to RB Isaiah Crowell he quickly checked out 3 other options before wisely making the decision to throw to Cro.

Those of you that read this site regularly know that GM Ray Farmer has not given Flip many weapons with which to work. So what Flip and McCown have done is that much more surprising.

Browns fans can only hope that the D gets better and the O continues to surprise both the fans and the opposition.

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