What I would do to fix the Browns.


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It is clear to anyone with a half a brain (not sure that includes GM Ray Farmer) that the Browns are headed for another bad season. Can the season be turned around? I doubt it but here is my prescription to try to fix the situation.

1. Fire GM Ray Farmer TODAY! – He clearly has no idea what it takes to put a competitive NFL roster together. Ray, the NFL is a passing game. A passing game requires a franchise QB and WRS that are taller than 4’2” and heaver than 100 pounds. He is now putting together the 2016 draft information and I don’t want him within 100,000,000 miles of the next draft. Get an experienced GM as a consultant to help guide the Browns 16 draft preparation and find a GM.

2. Fire DC Jim O’Neil – It was clear from the beginning that he is not qualified to be DC. He has had 2 years to figure out why the Browns can’t stop the edge run but seems clueless. This move will not only put a fire under the more than ample butts of the D but also will send a message to HC Mike Pettine that friends don’t let friends blow up a season.

3. Fire ST coach Chris Tabor – If I had been the owner of the Browns when Tabor’s crew had the huge screw ups in Oakland, I would have fired him on the spot and left him there. The ST have been a complete disaster. Penalties have called back some good returns and the Browns have had some the worst starting positions in the league for years. This team is offensively challenged and can not overcome bad field position on every possession.

4. Hire an experienced O line coach – When I coached an off side or false start was worth 1 lap around the field. Those that continued to have a problem with penalties would lose playing time. The O line was supposed to be a strength of the team. It has been anything but a strength. The only way the running game will bet going is to get a new voice to inspire them.

5. Cut Dwayne Bowe – The cost to the salary cap be damned. In the last season and a half I have caught just as many NFL touchdown passes as he has and I didn’t get paid 9 million. Cutting him will send a clear message to the other veterans that they need to produce or will be gone. Leaving him on the team sends a message that losing is OK.

If that turns the fortunes of the team around and they win 5 or 6 more games maybe Pettine can stay. If not at least there will be a sense of urgency on the team. In addition Farmer won’t be around to screw up yet another high draft pick.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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