Understanding the Fuzz: An Overview of the National Football League (NFL)

American Football Conference logo.
American Football Conference logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of individuals these days, both young and old, seem enthused and entranced by NFL professional athletes. Each season, the world has its eyes fixed on the big screens, watching each athlete in every team, each coach either smiling or smirking at the way the game is heading and each fan screaming to the top of their lungs just to cheer for their favorite group.

Indeed, while some people can’t get past thinking about the NFL, there are those who just do not know anything about the league. What is it about the league that makes it so appealing? What is it beyond the lives of the athletes except that they are getting handsomely paid? If you don’t know anything about the NFL, this article should give you some ideas.

NFL is tagged as the nirvana of all the world’s professional football organizations. It humbly started with eleven competing teams tracing its beginning back in 1920. Back in 1922, the NFL was known as the American Professional Football.

From the humble eleven, there are now 32 teams across all states. Just like other professional leagues, the conference is split in two: the first is the American Football Conference or AFC, and the second is the National Football Conference or the NFC. For each conference, there are four divisions which consist of four teams—making a total of sixteen teams.

The regular season starts on September and lasts until the last week of December or the early days of January. This makes seventeen weeks of play (one week for each of the sixteen teams plus an extra one for the bye). After the regular season run, twelve groups will vie their chance in the NFL playoffs until they slug it off for the most awaited part, the Super Bowl championship. During the said event, a city that supports a specific NFL team will serve as the host for the games. This is a big event for NFL fans.

For those who are not really that invested in the games, points of interest include speculating on the celebrity who will be chosen to sing the national anthem, as well as watching awesome commercials being aired during halftime, sponsored by major corporations such as Coca-Cola. Celebrities who have been previously invited to sing the national anthem include Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and other big names in the music industry. For the most part, NFL games are played on Sunday; major sports networks like ESPN often provide live coverage of every play as it happens.

At around this time, the team owners of the NFL are preparing for one of the most awaited yearly events—the NFL Annual Player Selection meet, more popularly known as the NFL draft. Each April, each team will have the chance to add more players to their respective rosters as they recruit new team members from the ranks of college football.

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