Top 6 Most Expensive Sports To Play

Top 6 Most Expensive Sports To Play

Sports are fun. They teach teamwork, provide great exercise and compel us to excellence while giving us a workout but they don’t all come cheap. So forgetting that pick up basketball game for a moment, here are the top six most expensive sports to play.

6. Horse Racing

It’s not called the “Sport of Kings” for nothing. Thoroughbred horses go for millions these days and that’s just the beginning. To play this sport, you’ll also need stables, training facilities, and a team to care for the animal as well as medicine and food for the horse. There will also be transportation costs and insurance. Plus you’ll need a great jockey if you ever want to see a return on this investment.

5. Bird Shooting

All you need is a great rifle, right? Wrong. Competition bird shooting requires a team of shooters to take part so you’ll need around 8 top quality guns, which could cost you more than $28,000.  This sport is also steeped in tradition which means a traditional entrance consisting of horse-drawn carriages, formal attire for yourself and your team. Plus you’ll have to pay for entrance fees and a trailer to haul the horses around in. There will be expenses right on down the line to a total cost of almost $250,000.

4. Competition Flying

The cost here should be obvious: you need a plane! That alone could set you back around $300,000 before you ever get off the ground. Factor in everything from flying lessons, insurance, maintenance, ground crew, fuel – even the $1500 for your parachute – and you’ll quickly learn that this sport is no jaunt in the clouds.

3. Polo

If you’ve got a few million to throw around, then purchasing a purebred polo horse won’t be a problem but if you want to compete, you’ll need to buy a whole team. Not just the horses but the riders as well. Animals and humans will have to be fed and housed and both will need support staffs to keep everything running smoothly. Owning a polo team is like being in charge of a small town only this population doesn’t pay taxes, leaving you to foot the bill.

2. Race Cars

The costs involved in wanting to indulge in this sport begin and end with the car. If you’re hoping to win with a car that cost less than $1.5 million then keep dreaming. Factor in fuel, parts and repairs and that initial pay out will seem like spare change. Did I mention the pit crew? Yeah, they cost plenty.

1. Yacht Racing

To put it simply, you have to be stinking rich to play this sport. Top line racing yachts can set you back almost $2,000,000 right from the outset. Once you’ve factored in how much an experienced crew will cost on top of the pretty much daily cost of upkeep for the boat, and you’re looking at expenses that never end. Not for the faint of wallet.

Author bio: This was article was written by Gary Foss. He is a big sports fan and contributes blog posts about the bankruptcy act and other topics for a number of websites.

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  1. That is a great list but you could be a little outside of the box and say that sports betting is the most expensive sport since well I’m sure you have heard stories.

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