Top 5 Questions facing the NFC South teams

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The O fell off badly last yr. That put a lot of pressure on the over-rated D. That did not go well.
5 DT Dontari Poe left. Who will be able to stop the run gm?
4 Can the D play better this year as they did last year?
3 Will RB Devonta Freeman be healthy and return to a 1000 y season?
2 Jones had his worst season since he was a rookie. Can the WR group get the O running smoothly again?
1 Can Matt Ryan get back to his level of play in 2016?
The biggest asset is also the biggest question. The D is solid & will be better in 18 but depends on the O to get to a SB.
5 Will the addition of W Torrey Smith give CR the speed that they lacked last season?
4 Will the rebuilt OL be better than the old version last year?
3 Christian McCaffrey was good in pass gm but not running. Can the Run game survive the loss of Jonathan Stewart?
2 Can the D stay healthy this year?
1 Will Cam Newton stop pouting & get his guts back?
A young D makes mistakes that cost them a NFC title gm. Resigning Brees was a HUGE step to get back.
5 Can TE Ben Watson fill the hole that management created when they traded Jimmy Graham
4 Will the young D continue to develop as fast as they did last year?
3 Will Ingram and Kamara continue to produce like they did last year?
2 Can the LB group stay healthy this year?
1 Can the OL continue to protect Brees & block for the run as well as last year?
TB had a bunch of inj last season. Didn’t do a lot in FA but brought back key players that were UFA’s.
5 Spence was hurt in wk 3. Can the DL generate a pass rush this year?
4 The lack of pass rush hurt Dbackfield the most. Can it survive another no rush season?
3 The run gm did not exist last year. Can TB get a run gm going this year?
2 TB started the season with 3 OL injured. Can the updated OL stay healthy all year?
1 Will Jameis Winston stay healthy & continue to develop?

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