Top 5 Locations for Extreme Sports

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Forget the beach and ditch the book, we all know that a holiday with a light dabble in some extreme sports is going to send you home with the best snaps…even if that means bone.

Here are 5 of the best locations in the world to tap your pulse and reinvigorate your adrenaline levels with some cool extreme sports.

  1. Nicaragua, Volcano Boarding

Anyone can snowboard the peaks of Chamonix, but what about boarding down an active volcano? Nicaragua is well known for its long civil war but as calm has been restored, this volcano country has seen extreme sports enthusiasts bound in, board in arm, to take on one of the country’s best challenges.

You won’t be short of volcanoes to choose from but Cerro Negro, Black Mountain is up there – literally, it is 675m above sea. It’s still active, it’s covered in black volcanic matter from its last eruption and it’s can give you speeds up to 40mph, just don’t pick up any gravel rash on the way.

  1. China, Bungee off Macau Tower

Bungee jumping has been around forever, or at least it feels that way. However, the man behind the bungee, A.J. Hackett has spent his life dedicated to keeping his gem of an idea fresh. From being set on fire and jumping into a pool at the Double Six night club in Bali (sadly no longer running, boo!) to his latest accomplishment – the world’s highest bungee (233m) off Macau Tower. If sailing close to the concrete isn’t extreme enough, coming within 30 metres of the solid floor surely is?

  1. USA, Street Luge in San Francisco

What do you get when you add wheels to San Francisco’s crazy hills? Street

Luge! Finding yourself lying down on little more than a skateboard on the streets of California, where this extreme sport was invented, makes for one hell of a rush, especially if you manage to reach 97mph. Turning and stopping will be the last thing on your mind as gravity takes over and the world whips by, but it’s probably worth figuring these out before you let the wheels take control.

  1. Dubai, Wingsuit Flying

Imagine being able to fly, and no, we don’t mean from Heathrow’s Terminal

  1. Actual flying, in the sky. What used to be the thing of childhood dreams and comics is now possible with the age of wingsuits. Donning what looks like a mattress that has been thinned in places…for good reason, people have been jumping out of planes, helicopters and even off ski slopes to take flight. Getting an aerial view of Dubai’s Atlantis Palm as you soar overhead has got to be one of the most awesome experiences. You’ll need a few flying hours under your wings first, though.
  2. Costa Rica, Surf the Salsa Brava

Some extreme sports don’t tire and surfing is one of them. Since it was first tried in Hawaii famous surf spots have popped up around the world, but few as infamous as the famous Salsa Brava. This legendry patch of surf can be found in Costa Rica and is loosely translated as ‘angry sauce’, which describes the skin shredding effect that comes when these fierce waves dump you on the coral reef.

Enjoy it while you’re on the board but don’t cry when you’re off.

Written by Annabel, Event Organiser for Chillisauce, a company specilaising in Stag Weekend Ideas and Hen Nights

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