Top 2 Table Tennis Conversion Tops from Stiga

Table Tennis Conversion TopsSince it was established in the 1800’s, table tennis which is otherwise known as ping-pong, has been widely accepted and loved by many people from different parts of globe, adults and children alike. Many table tennis buffs prefer to have their own table installed right in the comfort of their private residence. In this way, they will be able to enjoy playing the game whenever they want to.  However, a number of them cannot do so because of limitations in both space and budget. The perfect solution for them would be the conversion tops that are used for table tennis. This piece of equipment eradicates the need for two separate tables for both ping-pong and pool.

A top rater from Stiga’s line up of products is the T8101 Fusion table tennis conversion top. It is equipped with sturdy, ¾-inch rails and steel, center-mounted stiffeners that promote easy storage. The two-piece, half-inch, black top is made from a high quality material called the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Core. Dimensions are 9 feet in width, 5 feet in height, and a weight of about 129 lbs. Side strips made of sponge rubber serves as padding between the rails and the top. This helps protect the conversion top from any damage. To prevent snagged clothing and scratched legs, corner pads are provided. It fits standard-sized pool tables that measure from seven to eight feet.

The Stiga T817 Deuce table tennis conversion top is another noteworthy piece of equipment from the same manufacturer. It is lightweight and can be kept or reassembled in no time at all. Angular, steel frames and center-mounted steel stiffeners help keep the conversion top stable and rigid. This unit has a top which measures a half-inch and is colored green. To protect both of the billiard table and the user, the conversion top is equipped with sponge rubbers. The Stiga T817 Deuce is also fitted with sponge-rubber, side strips which aligns and keeps the top in its appropriate position.

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  1. The foldaway aspect looks really useful. The table I used to have as a kid took up most of the space in the garage!

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