Today a double dose of NFL Draft on NNR Pod.

NFL Draft (2)

NOTE: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I talk about the possible undrafted free agents the Browns could sign and discuss some of the draft rumors floating around during “Silly Season.”

Then tonight on NNR I am joined by Ken Becks owner of to talk our favorite players and what the Browns might do. The podcasts will be up on .

There are two times when we hear people lie the most on TV. One is during a Presidential Election cycle. The other is the time leading up to the NFL Draft. Welcome to the “silly season.”

You can discount almost everything that most GM’s or head coaches say. They have no desire to let their fellow drafters or the public know what they are thinking. Usually after the draft, the fans wonder not what those in charge of their favorite team were thinking but if those drafting were capable of thought.

So don’t worry about what you hear. It won’t matter because they never do what they say. Exhibit A: the Browns spent $100K on a study to see which QB was most likely to succeed. The answer was Teddy Bridgewater. Then they moved up to draft Johnny Manziel.

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Today a double dose of NFL Draft on NNR Pod. by

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