It is time to stop letting agents name the next Browns’ head coach.



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Yet another open letter to Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam:

The coaching search under Mike Holmgren was limited to the best coach represented by agent Bob Lamonte. That is how the Browns ended up with moron Pat Shurmur as head coach. All he did was to drive the organization further into the depths of a culture of loosing. I know this will shock you but Lamonte was Holmgren’s agent.


Now Holmgren is gone. He has been replaced by Joe Banner as the head guy. The names change but the process seems to be the same. Now, because Banner’s agent is Jim Sexton, the Browns hire will the best coach represented by Sexton. This is insanity which is defined as doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.


The news leaked out that Bill Belichick disciple Josh McDaniels is the Browns’ primary focus in the search. He was the head coach of the Bronocs. When he was hired I wrote the following:


As usual, the media have totally missed the most important fact in the QB Jay Cutler vs. new Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels. The antique media call Cutler a cry baby. Others say that McDaniels has all the power because Bronco team owner Pat Bowlen backs his new guy. That is not the key story here. The key story is that Bowlen blew it when he fired Mike Shanahan and blew it again in hiring the 32 year old McDaniels. McDaniels is not mature enough to be a head coach in the NFL. It was a bad hire and this is only the first screwup for which McD will be responsible.



In less than 2 years Bowlen realized the mistake and fired McDaniels. By then McDaniels had forced the two best players off the team in QB Cutler and WR Brandon Marshall. The team only recovered when they hired John Fox as head coach and won the Payton Manning sweepstakes. Without those two the Broncos would be in the top 5 of the draft just like the Browns.


The fact that Banner is even focused on the Belichick tree is stupid. No one from that tree has been successful. Here is the list of failues generated by the Belichick tree;


Josh McDaniels DV – Fired after less than 2 years after a 3-9 start to the 2010 season. He was so bad at judging talent that he lost his GM control after a year.


Eric Mangini Browns (2009-10)

– You would have thought that after the Crennel disaster the Browns owner would have had more sense than to hire another Belichick clone.


Romeo Crennel Browns (2005-8) 24-40 KC named him as interim HC in 2011 and fired him after the 2012 season. 4-15


Al Groh, New York Jets (2000) – After a reasonably successful 9-7 season Groh hated pro football so badly he quit to go back to his alma mater, University of Virginia.


Nick Saban, Miami Dolphins (2005–2006) – 15-17 He went 9-7 with the previous regime’s guys then was fired after a 6-10 season under the guys he brought in. He is a much better college coach than pro.


Pat Shurmur CL (2010-11) Moron#1 9-23


Jason Garrett DA (2011-?) Moron#2 8-8 every season with no hope of getting into the playoffs. The only reason he has a job is Owner Jerry Jones can’t find anyone else that will put up with him being the GM.


Mike Mularkey JK (2013) 2-14 The new owner of the Jags had no interest in continuing with Mularkey.




That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.


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