Is it time for Ohio State to leave the Big10?

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All we have heard since the middle of the 2013 season was that Ohio State had no business being part of the BCS Championship discussion.  “They don’t play anybody.  The Big10 is worse than the American Conference formerly known as the Big East.  The Buckeyes have been blasted by SEC teams when they have backed into the Championship game.”


There is no question that the 2013 schedule of the Buckeyes has not included teams that have played well.  If Vanderbilt had not backed out, the schedule would have been better.  But the games that looked impressive at the time like the win at Northwestern (#16 at the time) and Wisconsin (#23 at the time) have lost some luster.


It is clear that some harbor resentment against the Big10 in general and Ohio State in particular.  Despite not suffering a loss, the Bucks fell from 2 in the major preseason polls to 4.  First Oregon jumped the Bucks until they lost in early November to Stanford.  Clemson jumped the Bucks until they lost big at home to Florida State.  Florida State then took Clemson’s spot by jumping over the Bucks with that win and like Goldilocks they are still there.


The Big10 (by the way why can’t a college conference count correctly?) struggled to keep up with the Buckeyes under Jim Tressel.  So far none of the conference clubs have been able to win against Urban Meyer.  It is not his fault that the Ohio Legislature required games against in state teams.  That is a state law that cannot be violated.  It is also not Meyer’s fault that the Big10 has failed to do well in pre-league or bowl games against other leagues.  If the Big10 officials wanted to do something to help its teams, it might require that games against Pac12 teams be officiated by competent and unaffiliated individuals to prevent the kind of debacle that happened to Wisconsin at Arizona State.


Now the punsters are calling for the voters to install one loss Auburn to face Florida State because undefeated Ohio State has not played anyone.  They claim that OSU should be downgraded for the close call against their biggest rival Michigan.


But Auburn lost by 2 TDs to a 2 loss LSU and had a fluke last second win over an injury depleted Georgia.   Auburn then won the “weird play of the year” in the win over Alabama.  Let’s not forget that the #1 Florida State has wins over powerhouse teams like Nevada, Idaho and Bethune-Cookman.  No one seems to think that schedule should disqualify the Seminoles.


Maybe it is time that the Buckeyes turn their backs to the Big10 and become an independent like Notre Dame.  The writers and pollsters seem to love ND.  Any time they have less than 4 losses in a season ND gets a good bowl game and a national ranking.


The Buckeyes could start their own network and schedule Army, Navy, Air Force and the Sisters of the Perpetually Miserable like ND does.  Every pollster will love them.  They can even schedule Michigan now that the home and home with ND has ended.   Then when they go undefeated, surely the national press will love them and name them #1!  No, probably not.


That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.


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