Thoughts about week 13 in the NFL

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles' coach, after t...
Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles’ coach, after the Eagles’ training camp in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The Seahawks are really good.

I projected QB Wilson as the 3rd best QB prospect in the 2012 draft.  The Seahawks and I were both right.  He is not getting the pub that Luck and RG3 get but is playing just as well with fewer picks than Luck and more wins than RG3.  To go into Chicago and beat the Bears was a major step forward.  The Hawks will be a very tough out.


The Niners made the right decision about Kaepernick.

Kaep can do so much more than QB Smith ever could that the move in my opinion was overdue.  Kaep can throw down field and has the guts and arm to throw the ball into small windows.  While the running game and D will win a lot of regular season games, to win in the playoffs you need a QB to throw down field.


Even with two straight wins the Browns need to fire Shurmur after the season.

The Browns have beaten a Steeler team with a 90 year old QB fresh out of the retirement home and a Raider team that has a history of beating itself more often than winning.  Shurmur is still way too inflexible to be the coach long term.  His playcalls will continue to take points off the board and that will cost the team wins when they get good enough to challenge for the playoffs.


His unwillingness to give up the playcalling shows he is more about him than the team.  I am tired of watching the winning efforts unrewarded due to stupid calls by Shurmur.


Sanchez was a one year starter that was never worth a 5th overall pick.

I have never believed that a one year starter can be a quality NFL QB.  Sanchez waited behind a never was.  He was taken to the playoffs in his first two years by a quality defense and running game.


But Greg McElroy is not the answer.  The Jets need to get a new coach, GM and QB to become a factor in the AFC East.  I loved Tim Tebow coming out of college but he has never been given the reps he needed to become a starting quality NFL QB.


The Packers are too banged up to win a title.

The Pack needs a running game to balance their O and some help to solidify the defense.  LB Mathews being out has eliminated the pass rush.  The back 7 don’t have the coverage skills to compete against the quality QBs they will face in the playoffs.


Put a fork in the Eagles.  They are done.

Mike Vick is history and so is Andy Reid.  The owner will clean house after the season as he should.  Reid is not a bad coach but after 10 years the players tune out the coach.  He was also hurt by naming a friend and OL coach as DC.


The locker room has suffered by the influx of high priced UFAs.  The issue has been coaching as well as lack of vet leadership.


The Eagles need a new QB.  QB Foles is a great kid but is not ready and has limitations.  There is a reason he was a 3rd round pick in 2012.


That’s what I think.   Tell us what you think.



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