This Veterans Day thank a Veteran for his or her service to our nation.


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This is Veterans Day is intended to help us remember all of those that have served and those that have died protecting our freedoms. I never served but after I graduated from Ohio State I did volunteer for the Navy during the Viet Nam war. I was 4F but my Dad was the first man on Omaha Red 2 hours before the D-Day invasion. I grew up with a great respect for the military. His memories have been recently published by

Almost 1000 World War II veterans die every day. The next time you see a Veteran thank him or her for their service. They are the best of the best. Each of the recent Veterans volunteered for service knowing full well that they would see action in the War on Terror. It takes a special person to volunteer to fight for you and I.

Those that came back from Viet Nam never got the parades or appreciation that other returning Veterans have had. They deserve it as well. Your thanks will mean the world to them. It will help give meaning to Veterans Day for you as well.

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This Veterans Day thank a Veteran for his or her service to our nation. by

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