There is a major fraud in College football but it is not the OSU players


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The NCAA announced today that 5 Ohio State players will be suspended for 5 games in 2011 for selling Big 10+1 Championship rings, the Gold pants they get for beating Michigan and some other items. There is a HUGE fraud here but it has nothing to do with the 5 players. The FRAUD is the NCAA itself.

First, the 20 year old juniors assumed that the rings and other jewelry they won on the field and were presented were their property! The OSU AD Gene Smith (no relation) said that exact thing in a press conference.

My question for him and the NCAA is this. Who the hell are you to tell anyone what they can do with their own property!

We are not talking about the players selling a ring for 500K. These transactions were at a realistic value for the items sold but it is not about that. The majority of kids used the money to help their families, but it is not about that either.

At one time, this country was a republic. Private property was private and the owner could do with it WHATEVER he or she wanted. The NCAA might want to check the US Constitution to see how many of its rules violate that document.

This is the same NCAA that whores itself out for money every chance it gets. Notice that the players are allowed to make money for the NCAA in the Sugar Bowl. If the starters for Ohio State were not in the lineup in the Sugar Bowl, the NCAA and OSU would lose millions. What kind of crap is that? The NCAA sells the rights to the Bowl games to the highest bidder with no regard to whether the majority of fans will be able to watch the games.

The NCAA has permitted the bowls to sell their naming rights for money. The latest money grab was to sell the rights to ESPN so that the majority of games are shown on cable and not available to the average fan. Along with their accessories after the fact the college presidents, they also refuse to allow a playoff in Div. 1 football “to preserve the tradition of the Bowl system!” WHAT? Who among us can survive without the Poulan Weed-eater bowl? GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Despite the total greed exhibited by the NCAA, they refuse to allow a student-athlete to get a ride across campus on a golf cart. THAT is a violation. At the same time to preserve their financial stake in the BCS game, they saw nothing wrong with the father of Auburn QB Newton to attempt to shake down colleges for the services of his son. The “investigation” failed to prove that the player knew anything about the actions and therefore, their money was safe because Auburn would be allowed to play Oregon in the BcS “just pretend” Championship Game. Had Newton been ineligible the NCAA would have lost millions of dollars. Does anyone really believe that Auburn boosters did not pay Newton the 180K he asked Mississippi State for? Furthermore, does anyone believe that if that payment was made, that Newton Jr. didn’t benefit substantially from the money? No, of course not.

No one with an IQ above 20 really believes anything the NCAA said about the Newton investigation. Maybe the OSU students should have contacted Newton Sr. to sell their stuff. That would have been fine.

I have said here before that the NCAA is headed toward extinction and that is WAY overdue. The rule book makes the IRS code look like a 2nd grade reader. These guys define pomposity. The major conferences need to get together and form a new association and refuse to support the dictatorship that the NCAA has become.

OSU has said it will appeal the decision. But the NCAA only allows appeals to the same pinheads that issued the original penalty. Good luck with that. At that point OSU will drop the issue.

I suggest that the players suspended sue the NCAA for violating the player’s civil rights. I would love to see the NCAA frog-walked into court to try to defend their dictatorship in public.

In the mean time the players should turn their back on The Ohio State University and declare for the NFL Draft. They won’t be hurt by this so called “scandal” because no scout cares a wit what the NCAA rules say or don’t say. If a prospect has been accused of a crime, that is one thing. These silly NCAA rules are ridiculous. The scouts, fans, players and coaches know that. The only ones that have not figured it out are the pinheads at the NCAA.

When I worked at the state I found an old parable to be true. Those with just a little power seem to get a Napoleon complex. The only thing missing from the NCAA is a group photo with their hands stuck in their shirts.

I also think that it is time for the big dollar contributors to colleges to let the pinhead presidents know that unless they vote to support a real playoff in football, the money flow will dry up. Those boosters that support their schools should mention the massive donations to the NCAA should stop as well.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits His first non-fiction work is at the publisher now and he has also published several novels on

and edits .

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4 thoughts on “There is a major fraud in College football but it is not the OSU players”

  1. I am glad someone else finally agrees with my opinion on this whole Buckeye suspension.This merchandise they sold was theirs,it was given to them. Also the colleges get so much money from these players its only fair the players so reap some rewards for all their hard work. Sure they are offered a free-ride on the education but one knee injury,or one to many hits to the head and where are they then .Times they are changing and the Colleges need to change with them or the fans will start leaving them (if they haven’t already) I read in one of the big three sports mags that they(ncaa football )ratings were already down this season.So wake up NCAA!

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  2. As fans, what we are looking forward now is the Buckeyes’ game against the Arkansas in the Sugar bowl. It will be an exciting game and I’m not ready to miss it! Fortunately, even if it’s not the case for many people who dislike Buckeyes, the suspended players will remain eligible for the Sugar Bowl. That’s important! Don’t sell hahaha, stupid!

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