The Sexiest String Bikini Sport

Don’t read it if you are a serious opponent of the mini bikini shows in movement. Beach or sandy volleyball has become an Olympic sport recently but we won’t focus on those sports in this article but on the fun rather. Although the sport came from south California you can find beach volley teams not only in Rio or Hawaii today, but also in such places like Switzerland or Hungary. And don’t think that this is a new sport. It’s already over 100 years that people have enjoyed it on the beaches. Is it the Sexiest String Bikini Sport?

Sexiest String Bikini Sport
Sexiest String Bikini Sport

Where are the contests of the hot bikini women beach volley taking place? The most famous national Final Four Women’s Volleyball Cup is a short tournament of 4 best teams in the entire America. Winners of last three cups: 2010: Dominican Republic, 2009: Brazil, 2008: Brazil. In 2010 the host of the tournament was Mexico. Let’s look at the best team: Dominican players. The squad of the team: Annerys Vargas, Lisvel Elisa Eve, Brenda Castillo, Niverka Marte, Candida Arias, Milagros Cabral Captain, Jeoselyna Rodriguez, Karla Echenique, Cindy Rondon, Prisilla Rivera, Altagracia Mambru and Ana Yorkira Binet.

It’s difficult to decide if Annerys Vargas is the sexiest string bikini player of the Dominican Republic team however some pictures made on the beach during the last cup suggest that the longitude of her legs and arms are unique. But let’s forget for a moment about such serious cups and professional players. The most tiny bikini players we can found come from Brazil. Ipanema beach is a round year place of fun and beach volley. Copacabana is also fine. Some Spanish girls on the Costa are also brave, but to find a sandy beach in Spain can be a real problem unless you don’t go to Canary Islands, Costa del Azahar or Ibiza. And where to go if you’re in California? Well, I’m sorry; I guess you’ll tell me that in your article.

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