The NFLPA negotiated itself out of the Bounty case.

The NFLPA and the players suspended in the Saints Bounty case have been contending that Commissioner Goddell has no authority to be both judge and jury in player suspensions.  But he does and it is the union’s own fault.

During the negotiations for the latest CBA, the union had the opportunity to strip Goddell of all or part of his powers.  They chose to take the money instead.

That is not the only thing they gave up to get more money now.  They also put the screws to the retired players in order to get more money now for the active members.

The bottom line is this.  The NFLPA has not represented the retired players at all and has done poorly in representing the active players.  The union leaders do not care about safety.  They do not care about health care.  Based on the outcome of the last two CBAs, the only thing they care about is money now of which they can take their percentage.

That is both short sighted and stupid.


That’s what I think.  What do you think?


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The NFLPA negotiated itself out of the Bounty case. by

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  1. Yes it is true the players agreed to let Goodell be judge and jury(which is crazy,but thats another subject for another day),but with the way the players are objecting to this especially Fujita who has a sqeeky clean record there has to be something the players reps can do this isnt right.The evidence doesnt sound solid and why does it sound like some of the media has seen so-called evidence the players accused didnt?

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