The NFLPA is going to court to renegotiate the CBA.


NOTE: Monday on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day and projected what the 2015 NFL season could be if the Browns had drafted Teddy Bridgewater rather than Johnny Manziel.

Putting the current issues of Tom Brady aside, one thing is clear. The NFLPA wants it cake and wants to eat it too. When the NFLPA had the chance to take the power of the Commissioner away, the leadership chose to take the money.

Now, they want the court to correct that mistake in the Brady case. This should be totally rejected by the court. In most cases, the court defers to a collective bargaining agreement in cases like this. The fact that the NFLPA agreed to allow the Commissioner to be the final arbiter of suspension cases should give the court all it needs to refuse this case.

But this is far from the only time that the NFLPA has fought for money for the current players over the interests of others. They turned their backs on the retired players, those guys that built the league to the point that the current players can get such big dollars.

Don’t forget that the previous losses that the NFL has had suspensions reduced were topics not covered by the CBA. And there the court reduced the suspensions because the offenses occurred at a time were a lesser penalty was the norm.

While I have been shocked by what the courts have done recently, I believe that the NFLPA will not be successful in getting either an injunction nor in getting a reduction or elimination of the penalty. The NFL has made a preemptive strike by filing a confirmation law suit in Manhattan Federal Court. That will give the league a shot at getting the case away from Judge Dody.

There is little potential for Brady’s chances for a defamation suit against the league. Because he is a “public” figure, he needs to prove not only that the claims of the NFL were wrong but that they were made with malice. That is a very hard thing to prove.

I hope the court does the right thing and tells the NFLPA to pound sand. That is what should happen. But we will see. An activist court is a dangerous thing.

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The NFLPA is going to court to renegotiate the CBA. by

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