The “New” Grand Prix

Eddie Irvine, Indianapolis, 2002
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The Grand Prix has been offering indoor go-kart racing for the last few years during the race, but this year organizers wanted to try something new. Event organizers approached Tom Kutscher, the owner of Kart Express, to set up an outdoor half-mile go-kart track with the sights and sounds of the Grand Prix in the background. For $15, fans can take a spin on the track at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.

So far, fans have really taken to the new racetrack, but some others have come for something a little different. From flocks of young girls who turned out to see boy band sensation and celebrity race participant Kevin Jonas to fans looking for a chance to listen in on headsets as drivers talk to their crews to the aforementioned go-karts, the Grand Prix offered an impressive experience to the thousands of new and longtime racing fans in attendance. This has gone a long way towards turning the Grand Prix from something aimed at die-hard racing fans to a family-friendly event that promises to turn first-time attendees into lifelong fans.

Longtime racing fans such as 51 year-old John Reese, who has missed just one Grand Prix back in 1977, turned out to see the exciting action that they have grown to love. Reese himself has been involved with the Grand Prix since he was a teenager working in the hot dog stands. The Irvine resident now handles security for the event. He says that there is a “great group of racers this year,” and that the races are some of the best he’s seen in a long time.

Nick and Karen Lombardo say they used to videotape the Grand Prix so they could watch it with the commentary and not miss a thing. They were two of the many fans who opted to pay $40 to rent the headsets for the weekend.

Many of the new fans turned out for the family-friendly spectacle of the event, but for fans such as 42 year-old John Glencoe, racing was the sole attraction.

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  1. Yeah, I am also a great fan of the Grand Prix. I wouldn’t miss is for sure. Prix is offering impressive experiences for their fans whether new or longtime fans.

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