The NBA Playoff Schedule for 2022

The exhilarating 2022 NBA season sent a wide range of teams in this year’s playoffs. Let’s get to the NBA playoff schedule. The first round is in the thick of it as the teams are in Games 3 or 4 out of the potential 7 games they will be playing, and here are the games that are coming up.

NBA Playoff Schedule
NBA Playoff Schedule


2:00 PM EST – Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors

The 76ers have won the first three games of this round. If they win today, they will move up to the next round, and the Raptors will be eliminated.

4:30 PM EST – Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz

The Mavericks are leading 2-1.

7:30 PM EST – Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets

This is Game 3 for the Celtics and Nets, and the Celtics have won the first two games.

10:00 PM EST – Memphis Grizzlies at Minnesota Timberwolves

After pulling an exciting comeback win in Game 3, the Grizzlies lead 2-1.


1:00 PM EST – Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls

The Bucks are leading 2-1.

3:30 PM EST – Golden State Warriors at Denver Nuggets

The Warriors take the win for the first three games, and the Nuggets must win the next game for a chance to continue in the playoffs.

7:00 PM EST – Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks

The Heat leads 2-1.

9:30 PM EST – Phoenix Suns at New Orleans Pelicans

This weekend of the NBA playoff games end in New Orleans in a series where the Suns are leading 2-1.

The Celtics, Suns, Bucks, and Warriors are the teams to win although the championship title is still anybody’s game. The Celtics have learned to defend the Nets’ Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving effectively. We know the Nets can taste a win with the tip of their tongue, though. They were leading the game with 1 point with one second to go in Game 1. The Nets were leading by 7 points in the last quarter of Game 2.

While the Suns are currently leading the series, losing Devin Booker in Game 2 seems to have caused them to lose a home game. The Suns are carrying the momentum of the season, and the Pelicans are fired up from rising above the low expectations and results from the first half of the regular season. The first two games in the playoffs have proven that this Suns vs. Pelicans match up is worth paying attention to.

The 2021 NBA Finals Champion Milwaukee Bucks are marching towards another strong finish of the season. Even though Khris Middleton will probably have to miss the rest of the series due to a sprained MCL, the depth of the team and the Bucks players that are producing their best performance like Grayson Allen are still dangerous to the Bulls.

Lastly, the Warriors are one game away from sweeping the Nuggets. Veteran players Stephen Curry and Klay Thomson combined with the up-and-coming star Jordan Poole scored 80 points together in the last game, and this offensive trio is going to be a challenging wall for the Nuggets to break through as they keep shooting for a chance at Game 5.

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