The NBA needs to change the off season schedule.



Before I get into the details of what the NBA needs to do, I need to state that I am a Cavs fan.  As a result the recommendations have no affect on my favorite team.


The NBA has the cart (the draft) before the horse (free agency).  It needs to be the other way around.  The NFL has restructured its off season by pushing the draft into May to allow more free agent time.  That allows teams to sign free agents to fill holes prior to the draft.


The NBA is suffering from its own shortsightedness.  The value of the draft has been drastically reduced by the one and done rule imposed by the league.  Prior to that rule only a handful of players came into the league directly from high school.  Many of the remaining players stayed in college for two or three years.  In that time they became much more prepared to play in the NBA.


Now the teams have to use draft choices based on one year of college.  With very few exceptions the players take years of riding the bench or developmental league experience to be ready to contribute.  The bottom line is that one in 60 of these players can help a team or fill a hole in the starting lineup.  More and more the teams are drafting for potential because there is no present value of the players to the team.  The teams must depend on free agents to fill holes and hope their draft choices will develop into players down the line.


The NBA should move the draft back and allow the free agency period to begin 10 days after the scheduled 7th game of the finals.  That way teams (other than the Cavs) can sign free agents prior to the draft.  The Cavs would have to offer majority interest in Quicken Loans to get a top level free agent.


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That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.


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