The investigation of Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam stinks of politics.


Anyone that knows the background of Attorney General Eric Holder would expect another attack on Republicans.

It was Holder that refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for threatening white voters with weapons outside Philadelphia voting locations.

It was Holder that pushed the Obama regime to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the state of Arizona for having the gall to enforce federal and state immigration laws.

It was Holder that refused to inform Congress about giving guns to known drug lords (Operation Fast and Furious) then trying to cover it up.  After it blew up in his face, he even tried to use the scandal to justify stricter gun control laws.

And of course Holder and the Obama regime are not at all bashful about using the IRS to further their political agenda.  The Congress is just now getting started investigating the IRS suppressing conservative votes in the 2012 election by refusing to approve Tea Party groups’ applications for non-profit status.

So it should not have surprised anyone that the Obama regime would go after an gas and oil distribution company owned by a family that includes the Republican Governor of Tennessee.  While the charges against Haslam are serious, we must consider the source—the most politically corrupt regime in recent US history.

The advantage of being in power is that you can decide who gets investigated and who gets a pass.  If Pilot/Flying J was owned by Al Gore, there would be a courtesy call from the AG to Al saying clean up the rebate program.  Since PFJ is owned by Republicans, they get locked down, investigated and skewered in the media.

So when the regime is crying about the unfair practices of PFJ just remember, it is the Obama regime that is the most unfair.  I am not saying that PFJ did not screw up.  But I do believe that had the family been good Democrats, Holder and Obama would not be going after them.

That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.

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