The Beauty – RC Sailboat Versus the Sheer Acceleration of a Speedboat

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When I was a kid I remember the older men racing radio-controlled sailboats at the local lake near my house.  I used to live in a windy location so the venue was ideal for the sport.  Soon after, the hot-rods came by and started bringing the much faster nitro and methanol powered RC Powerboats.  Those things were incredible!  They used to host races every single weekend.  The fever soon became an obsession.  It wasn’t long before there were 30-50 guys at the lake every weekend racing boats.

Even with the extra speed of the gas-powered boats, the love of rc sailboats still remains.  In fact, some people GREATLY prefer the slow, quiet and peaceful drive of a sailboat.  I mean, most people spend the entire week in a fast-paced environment.  Some will argue that the last thing they need is more stress from being competitive in the weekends as well. For those boats, radio-controlled sailboats and other quiet vehicles, such as gliders are probably the best bet.

But either way, there’s no denying the sheer speed an awesome acceleration of a gas-powered RC speedboat.  Not only that, but they look unreal too!  Some are designed to look just like the race boats in real life.  That’s just plain cool!  Even the sailors can appreciate that!  That’s even if they have to wear earplugs to avoid going deaf with the loud screaming of the muffle-less nitro gas engines.

Next time you are thinking of what to do with some free time, you might want to consider one of these awesome toys.  Maybe the water is not for you.  In which case you can hit the dirt with an RC buggy or maybe the skies with one of the many airplane kits available.  But, if you are a water-lover like me, a boat will be the ultimate experience.  And yes, watching a sailboat can often seem just like a powerboat – only quiet, and at the speed at which the speedboat would be traveling if it were dragging along 2 unusually large aluminum boat anchors attached to its transom.  But, that’s the beauty of it.  It’s all about the slow speed, the style and the freedom.  That is RC sailing!

The Beauty - RC Sailboat Versus the Sheer Acceleration of a Speedboat by
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