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There are many people that do not have a stomach for the violence and unnecessary brutality that the people who are not boxing fans associate with the game. These sports enthusiasts who do not appreciate the actual boxing game, but its elements as a sport have primarily been behind the emergence of another interesting trend of funny boxing. This is a widely accepted selection of snippets of a typical boxing match, but with the hilarious aspects of it extracted to make a collection of interesting footage. The first use of funny boxing was in the early 80’s and this could well have marked the start of another equally interesting kind of boxing common with video games.

In the recent years, video game platforms have become more creative in their use of various types of animation with each new release. Some of the video games that have a high level of animation are games that take their simulation themes from the boxing arena. Basically, the aim of these types of games is to punch an opponent silly and vanquish them. The level of animation can rise from one color two dimensional videos to high techno-color three dimensional animation. The higher the color and animation that is in these games, the costlier they become and often, the more interesting the variety of play becomes too.

Some of the more recent games even have a virtual reality component to them where the player can simulate their boxing actions just by moving the controls in their hands. They then appear to be physically punching an animated opponent on the game screen. It can actually be a very hilarious sight to watch someone punch the air, and get pretty exhausted doing it, while all through they are simulating virtual reality imagery in their imagination.

These kinds of video games come in handy during the holiday season and when it is too cold to do anything outdoors as it sometimes gets in winter. They can serve as a captivating pastime for the family and most especially for those members of the family that enjoy the real boxing matches. A lot of boxing fans will appreciate not only the animation, but will also understand the scoring parameters. This fact can make watching the video footage made from aspects of actual boxing matches that were funny very interesting too. It is only a boxing fan that will really appreciate the humor in these videos that are for the sole purpose of bringing humor into what many may see as a fairly unpleasant game.

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