The 24 BMX for Racing and Freestyle Riding

Motorcross BMX

BMX is short for Bicycle Moto-Cross. With X being the abbreviation for ‘cross’. BMX biking is cycle racing of sorts with riders using specially designed BMX bikes. Generally speaking the wheel diameter of BMX bikes is 18 to 24 inches. 24 BMX bikes are used in both BMX racing and BMX freestyle competitive events. BMX racing is typically done on dirt tracks and while freestyle events are held in a controlled environment where BMX ramps and jumps have been built into a tight circuit for close and exciting competition.

BMX is considered a Class of bike. The BMX frame is quite small but very strong and light weight. When one first looks at a BMX bike they might be mistaken to think it is a child’s bike. Just looking at a BMX one can’t fathom how a full grown adult could ride one. But ride they do! And they do it all standing up. Some riding styles and BMX bikes don’t even have a seat or seat post. This gives the rider the ultimate in quick handling and performance for stunts and jumping. The standard BMX frame is mounted with 20 inch wheels, and it is often a customize or modified version of single speed youth bicycle. Variations include the larger 24 inch BMX wheel which is also know as the cruiser-class of BMX. Cruiser bikes were first created for adults who couldn’t fit the 20 inch models but in racing you will see both sizes used byall age groups.

While BMX racing is considered an individual sport, groups of riders often form a team so they can enter a variety of class levels at different competitions. Competing as a group has other benefits including camaraderie and socializing among team mates. Registering and racing as part of a group also offers greater exposure for riders to get noticed and possibly sponsored by a biking related company. Strength, speed and handling are the hall marks of the successful BMX competitor. Many successful BMX racers are able to leverage their skill in a variety of bicycle and motorcycle events.

There are all kinds of BMX ramps and jumps which range from small rollers to huge step up double jumps. There are pro-straights used in junior and elite men levels of competition.

The 24 BMX bikes available with 24″ tires are often thought to be more for tall or heavier riders but this is quickly changing as taking BMX jumps with a bigger wheel diameter can actually help the rider achieve better control in landing.

The bottom line is whether you ride a 24 BMX Cruiser on the beach or in heavy duty freestyle competition your sure to get great results.

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