The Cavs are back, but…

LeBron (2)

NOTE: Today on NNR I was very honored to have Peter Brown as my guest. We discussed the draft in general and the Browns picks in particular, the Cavs, and of course the Wells report. Anyone that listened to Yahoo Sports Radio knows that Peter Brown always has a unique point of view. His knowledge and wit made him one of the most popular hosts on radio.

The win by the Cavs over the Bulls last night allowed the fans to begin to breath again. It required LeBron James taking over the game to get the Cavs to 1-1 in the series. He dominated inside the paint and was unstoppable.

To gain control of the series, the young Cavs are going to have to go to Chicago and play at a level above the effort they displayed last night. The Bulls are a physical team that plays better at home than on the road. To win the game tomorrow night, the Cavs have to continue to increase their intensity and effort.

If they do, the Cavs will win the series and move on. If not, they could be in big trouble. Getting J.R. Smith back from suspension will help. But … Read more at FryingPanSports

DeflateGate 2


NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I analyzed  the draft for the Browns. Tomorrow Peter Brown and I will discuss the draft in general and the Browns picks in particular.

This is what I said about it as soon as the news hit.

Deflationgate is a disaster for the NFL, the Pats, HC Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady. I do not believe that anyone in the Pats organization even blinks without approval of Belichick. He runs that team with an iron fist. To think that he did not know about balls being under inflated is a joke.

If the AFC Championship game was the first time that it had happened, it could be seen as an anomaly. But we have learned that the same thing happened when the Pats went to Indy to play the Colts. The latest report from NBC Sports is that the game balls used by the Pats in the Indy dome were also deflated.

For those of you that have not been around football, let me make one thing clear—There is no way that an NFL QB can pick up a ball that is 2 pounds per square inch under inflated by Read more at FryingPanSports