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Who To Watch For The London 2012 Summer Paralympics

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While people may well recognise household sporting names such as Usain Bolt or Chris Hoy from the Olympics, sometimes I get the feeling that equally talented athletes in the Paralympics are overlooked by the general public.

With that in mind, here are some of the most promising athletes in the run-up to the 2012 Paralympics.

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Chinese Superiority

China dominated the 2008 Summer Paralympics with 211 medals, with stunning performances from many athletes.

Especially interesting were Guo Wei, who won gold in his category in Discus, Javelin and Shot put, and intends to compete again in 2012, and the Chinese  4×100 metre teams, were strong in various categories.

Keep an eye on their relay teams, throwing athletes, and on the blind judo.

Great Britain

Needless to say, as host country Great Britain will be looking to do well. As the second placed team in the 2008 Paralympics, they might even be looking to challenge China for the top spot.

If so, they face a stiff challenge, but if they can keep competitors like Darren Kenny, David Roberts and Lee Pearson doing so exceptionally well (with three to four golds each), they might stand a chance.

Great Britain should do well in the swimming, cycling and equestrian events.

United States

The US of A fielded a team for the 2008 Paralympics that included 16 veterans.

Army training appeared to pay off, as with help from swimmers like Erin Popovich and Jessica Long, they stormed to third place in the medal tables.

Popovich has since retired, but watch out for Jessica Long, she could do even better this time around.

South Africa

South Africa have some of the most famous Paralympics competitors there have ever been.

Oscar Pistorius, also known as the “Blade Runner”, is a forceful and charismatic character whose understated confidence is backed up by track results. He’s faced challenges over the years from people unable to believe that his speed is entirely natural, and is an excellent ambassador for disabled sports.

Another great athlete of theirs, Natalie du Toit, was accepted onto Time’s list of 100 Olympic Athletes to Watch at number 100 back in 2008. Not content with winning five paralympic golds, she also became the first amputee to qualify for the Olympic Games, finishing 16th in the 10K swim.

Who I’ll Be Watching

While all the events at the Paralympics promise to be incredibly competitive and exciting to watch, I’ll go out of my way to see the so-called “fastest man on no legs”, Oscar Pistorius. As a runner, he is truly world class, and I can only hope the controversies over his entry to the Olympics don’t obscure his performance in the Paralympics.

As well as the rest of the incredible athletes on this list, I’ll keep an eye on the Ukraine and Australia for emerging talents and personalities. They’ve given us some great competitors in the past, ranking fourth and fifth respectively in the medal tables for 2008, and I’ve no doubt that London 2012 will continue the trend.

I’ll see you there!



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Watch the London Olympics on Television

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2012 Summer Olympics

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If you enjoy watching sporting events then you will want to be sure to tune into watch the London 2012 Olympic Games. They will be broadcast to an audience around the world. The London Olympics will be watched by millions of viewers around the globe. There will be broadcasters from every corner of the world in London with their cameras trained on the athletes. Viewers will be able to watch an amazing array of athletic abilities on display.

These games will take place in the summer. They will feature a wide variety of sporting events. While the winter Olympics feature sports like hockey and skiing the summer games feature sports like swimming, diving, and track and field competitions. The athletes that take part are the best in the world. They have competed against other athletes in their own countries in order to win the right to represent their country in London. Only the best get to go. They are able to compete for medals to show off their amazing abilities. The top athlete wins a gold medal. The second best athlete wins a silver medal. The third best athlete wins a bronze medal. Quite often the top athletes become famous after they have achieved such greatness. They go on to sign big endorsement contracts with advertisers. They use their celebrity status to endorse different products that people might be interested in buying. Many athletes that take part in the Olympics are not very well paid so it is only after they prove their greatness that the money actually starts to roll in.

If you love watching sports then taking a couple of weeks off in the summer of 2012 might be a good idea. You can do nothing but watch sports on television and cheer for your own country to do well in the standings.

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GPS Running Watch – Running With Focus And Progress

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GPS Running Watch

For the most part, human beings do things that could lead them to be the best that they can be. For this reason, we engage ourselves in activities in which we can have something that would greatly benefit us. Exercise, for example, is one of those activities that we do which has enormous positive effects on our total well-being. This fact is acknowledged by many and is being supported by a number of research studies.

Among those various physical exercises that we take on, running is one of the most beneficial. It is well-known worldwide and is being practiced by many people despite of race and culture. While other may enjoy running as an exercise, others still enjoy it more when coupled with proper monitoring about their running routine progress.

A GPS running watch documents and analyzes the statistics that is being recorded while you run. This is very possible with its GPS technology. Other than that, any runner can give all its focus to the running itself since this device has proven to have high accuracy and is very reliable. It is also very convenient for every runner as he/she does not have to scribble down various statistics while on the run.

Manufacturers of this device have produced up-to-the-minute versions that are more sophisticated. Companies, such as Timex, Sigma, and Garmin (with its Forerunner line), have designed latest models with their own unique mark and sophistication by incorporating extraordinary features that cannot be found in other brands.

This device has proven to be of great use to many athletes and avid runners which prompted manufacturers to produce more similar products. Also available in the market are gender-specific GPS watches that serve the preferences and needs of both men and women, professional and nonprofessional runners alike. Moreover, athletes use this to keep track on there progress to see what more they can do to achieve their best possible form.

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