How can the Cavs get LeBron to come back?


Yesterday we asked “Can the Cavs get LeBron James to come home?” Prior to answering, I had to answer a few questions. Check out the article below.

The question today is what are the alternatives to trading for Kevin Love in blind faith that he will stay and LeBron James will come?

Sign Chris Bosh (Mia).

LeBron is currently discussing a reunion with Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami. Wade is a has been. He disappeared in the finals against the Spurs. The Cavs have Kyrie Irving who is younger, more athletic and effective than Wade. Irving also distributes the ball which is something that did not happen in Miami. Bosh would start allowing PF Tristan Thompson to provide scoring and rebounding off the bench. The combination of Bosh and Irving is much better than Bosh and Wade. It might be enough to get LeBron’s interest.

Sign C Marcin Gortat (Wash)

There are not many better centers than Gortat. He fills a hole and allows Thompson to stay at PF. The addition would help LeBron with rebounding and scoring. Gortat is a 13 point 10 rebound a game guy. That would allow the Cavs to trade or bring Anderson Varejao … Read more at FryingPanSports

Five Sports Stars Who Refused to Let Age get in the Way

American goalkeeper Kasey Keller will retire this month at the end of the current MLS season at the ripe old age of 41. The Seattle Sounders stopper and former Leicester City and Tottenham player has already been honoured in bizarre fashion with a corn maze tribute at a Seattle farm and is one of a select band of top performers to extend his sporting career into his 40s. We look at five more athletes who refused to let the sands of time stop them in their tracks.

Stanley Matthews

Stanley Matthews was admired as one of the greatest players to grace the game of football, but he also raised the bar when it comes to competing well beyond the usual age limits, having incredibly played his last competitive game at the age of 70. He also played at the highest level of English football until he was 50, becoming the oldest to play in the top tier of the English league in the process and went on to become the oldest player to represent England when he played for the national team against Denmark at the grand old age of 52.

Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel’s family didn’t need to worry … Read more at FryingPanSports

If you are caught with a gun in Washington D.C., you had better be an NBA player.


Wizard PG Gilbert Arenas got just 1 month in a half way house for gun possession in WDC. The usual penalty for someone that is not in either of the categories above is 3 months in jail.

Arenas brought 4 guns into the locker room and reportedly “threatened” reserve guard Javaris Crittenton in an argument over gambling debts. Arenas also will be on probation for 2 years, will have to do community service of 400 hours, and has to pay a fine of 5K to be paid to the Victims of Crime fund. Crittenton, who pulled a gun of his own, is also on probation from pleading guilty for a misdemeanor. Both players have been suspended indefinitely by the league.

There were several factors Judge Robert E. Morin sited in making his sentencing decision. Most important was that none of the guns were “found” to have been loaded. I can’t help but wonder how hard the police looked to see if there were bullets in them. The other factors were that according to Morin Arenas has no history of violence; no one was hurt; neither man pointed a gun at the other; Arenas legally owned the weapons in Virginia; … Read more at FryingPanSports