The Cowboys fire Phillips and other failures this past week.

Wilson Football

It was a tough week for picking college games. I went 1-4 and now have a 23-14 record.

I did better on the pro game vs the point spread. I went 5-0 with Indy covering but losing. I now am 19-8 against the spread.

Cowgirl Owner Jerry Jones fired HC Phillips.

JJ finally had enough of the way the Girls were playing and fired the head cheerleader HC Wade Phillips. The 45-7 loss last week to the Packers on Sunday night football was the last straw. OC Garrett is now temporary HC. The team had quit on the coaching staff and that included the O under Garrett. The Girls will not be Boys again until JJ gives up meddling with the team and turns over the football operations to someone that knows what they are doing.

College Football:

#3 TCU 47 #5 Utah 7 – This was a landslide from the kickoff. As I predicted, Utah was badly over rated. TCU moved over Boise State in the latest BcS rankings to 3rd overall. If either Oregon or Auburn fall, TCU will be in the big game.

#10 LSU 24 #6 Alabama 21 – A 4th down trick play and the … Read more at FryingPanSports

NFL 2009 in a nutshell.


AFC East

Patriots will win the division easily if they can stay healthy. If QB Brady is hurt, all bets are off and the Pats will be 2nd and out of the playoffs. The D backfield is still a problem.

Dolphins take a step back due to a harder schedule and teams pointing for that game. They will not make the playoffs but will be a better team with a worse record than in 08.

Jets will improve. The team has some key players. They will not have the kind of start they had last year but this is a good team.

Bills are a good team in a very good division. The O line is a problem and the D is coming but a year away from being really good.

AFC North

Steelers win the division but are pressed all year by the Ravens. The O line is the only soft spot on the team. If they get Roethlisberger hurt, the team will fall like Skylab. The D is still top notch.

Ravens will make the playoffs and get to the divisional round. The development of the O line will determine if they can get past that point … Read more at FryingPanSports

Dallas needs a new head coach to get to the next level


I live at a lake. I see people fall off their jet skies all the time. The craft just goes around in a circle. That is what has happened to the Cowboys. They have not won a playoff game since Romo was in high school. Without a coach in control of a pro team, the franchise will not advance.

The reason that Wade Phillips is still the coach must be that Jerry Jones wants to surround himself with lackeys. We know that Jones knows a coach when he sees one because he has had a couple of the best in the history of the game. So why Phillips? Because Jones wants to be “the” star of stars in Dallas. Phillips couldn’t be a star in a basketball league of 5 year olds.

QB Tony Romo is more of a pop culture star than an NFL star. He seems to lack the discipline to move from good to great. Can you imagine him lacking discipline in a Bill Cowher or Bill Belichick locker room? Romo has “weak-itis.” He rolls up big numbers against the weak teams but folds in the big games in the 4th quarter when it counts the … Read more at FryingPanSports

Cutting Owens is a positive sign for Cowboy fans.

Fryingpan Sports

Cutting Owens is a positive sign for Cowboy fans.


By Bill Smith

For months Cowboy Jerry Jones has said that he was keeping head coach Wade Phillips, and WR Terrell Owens (TO). When former Bronco coach Mike Shanahan was hired as an offensive consultant, Jones told the press Shanahan would become a key part of the organization for the long term. For months Jones has said there is nothing to reports that team chemistry in the locker room makes the tough man cage matches look friendly. The fact is that despite Jones having TOTAL control, none of what he has said is necessarily true.

Shanahan lasted less than a week. “Philosophical differences” was the excuse to explain Shanahan leavings. Frankly, I suspect he took one look at the job and ran. No one could blame him.

As to the chemistry, according to multiple reports the Cowboy locker room makes the Hundred Years War seem like a weekend in Vermont. Last week, things were so good that Jones established a gag order on everyone in the organization. Yea, Bill Parcells used to do that all the time—NOT! Late last night, Jones cut TO.

Jones had to be convinced that … Read more at FryingPanSports

Before you fire your head coach…

By Bill Smith

There are a lot more open coaching positions in the NFL than there are qualified candidates. On average, about 8 of the 32 coaches are fired every year. Last year only 6 got the ax so you can look for a few more before too long.

NFL stands for “Not For Long” as far as coaches and players are concerned. “Mangenious” last year turned into one of the dismissed coaches this year after the Jets jettisoned Eric Mangini and his staff. Team management totally ignored the fact that the problem this year was the QB Bret Favre and that was a move that Mangini did not support. He also did not support the release of QB Chad Pennington. Farve did not at all fit the Mangini system which was ball control/low turnovers. Pennington doesn’t have the arm to throw deep but that is not part of the Mangini offense. If management had done the right thing, it would have fired itself. Don’t hold your breath for that.

Management faces a huge problem when the expectations far exceed the results. Just before the fans form a mob and storm the castle with burning torches, the management decides to … Read more at FryingPanSports

A few after Christmas Gifts for the NFL

Christmas Gifts for the NFL

by Bill Smith

I have some gift ideas for those of you that need to buy something for the NFL player, coach or administrator that has everything.

TO Romeo Crennel, the ex-coach of the Browns: A fire extinguisher. Given how hot your seat has been after the abysmal season you perpetrated on Browns fans, you need it. You are a nice guy but nice guys finish last. And the Tans are last after they lost to the Bagels and to Pittsburgh while Cincy beat KC. By the way, your back pants pocket is currently smoldering.

Romeo Crennel 2008

TO Phil Savage, GM of the Browns: An email editing program to delete expletives from your responses to fans and a financial advisor to help you invest your contract payoff. You really need to get a grip. The fans are your customers and we pay your salary. Before you write another email that would choke a dock worker, take a moment to appreciate your life. You may not have any job for quite awhile so spend your money wisely.

TO Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bagels: A long distance calling card. Face it, you are going to need … Read more at FryingPanSports