Local Youth Wrestling Clubs vs Little Guy

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Local youth wrestling clubs are one of the best ways to introduce kids to the sport of wrestling.  I believe local youth wrestling clubs provide a higher caliber of competition than the   little guy wrestling offered in the elementary schools. I have seen friends kids do real well in little guy tournaments, then come to the “big leagues” of club wrestling tournaments and find it much more difficult to win.

The other thing about local wrestling clubs vs little guy, is that the numbers of athletes in the clubs are often far larger. This is very helpful to wrestlers who are in a weight that there are fewer numbers of kids. It is difficult and potentially dangerous for a child to wrestle someone who is even 10 pounds heavier than themselves. So having a larger pool of kids to pair up greatly helps reduce this issue.

Another advantage of club wrestling is that the season is longer and there are far greater tournament choices to attend. Little guy wrestling tends to only last around one month, while club wrestling lasts often 4 months. There is also, what is referred to as “off-season or pre-season” tournaments all over … Read more at FryingPanSports

Analysis: A story of 2 drafts—NBA and NHL.


There are 2 drafts happening this week. The NBA draft will be held on Thursday. Both rounds will be shown on ESPN which is available in almost every home that has cable, or satellite TV. The NHL draft will be seen Friday by all 47 lucky viewers that have access to the Vs. Network.

The first choice in the NBA draft will be Oklahoma All American PF Blake Griffin. NBA fans have seen him many times on television including the Sooners run in the NCAA Tournament on CBS. Other top choices include Jordan Hill (PF, Arizona), James Harden (SG Arizona St.) DeMar DeRozan (SG USC) and Hasheem Thabeet (C UConn). There are a couple of foreign players the most significant of which is Ricky Rubio (PG DKV Joventut) the 18 years old star of the Spanish Olympic Silver medal team seen all over the world including in the US.

The first pick in the NHL Draft will be Victor Hedman (defenseman Sweden), or centers John Tavares or Matt Duchene of the OHL. No one is sure which one will be picked first by the New York Islanders. The problem that the NHL has is that very few fans have seen … Read more at FryingPanSports