A tale of two NCAA Violations.


Both the Michigan and the USC football programs have been sited by the NCAA and are under investigation. However, that is where the similarity stops.


The second most impressive fact about the Michigan football program is that it has the most wins in NCAA history. The most impressive fact is that the Michigan program has never before been sited for a violation. This time they were investigated for having practices during and before the regular season that exceeded the permitted length.

Coach Rich Rodriguez was ratted out by a couple of his former players. They didn’t like the practices but more than that they didn’t like the system that Rodriguez bought from West Virginia. The biggest problem for the program is not the NCAA but the fact that the Michigan faithful don’t like Rodriguez or his system much either.

Rodriguez changed the system from the Big 10 traditional run first and pocket passing to the unique quarterback-centric run and shoot style. That has cost him top recruits by the former staff including now Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett who will compete for the top QB in the 2011 NFL Draft. Michigan fans that had seen their team lose year … Read more at FryingPanSports

Which red flags in a player's background are the worst?


G J.D. Quinn and QB Rhett Bomar were dismissed from the Oklahoma football team in August of 2006 for violation of NCAA rules by accepting money for a job they were not required to perform. OT Alex Boone (Ohio State) was arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest earlier this spring. Both situations raise red flags on the pro prospects but they are clearly different in severity. More important, they predict a different future in terms of potential problems during the player’s career.

Quinn and Bomar transferred to other schools. Bomar starred at Sam Houston State and Quinn started for Montana State. There is very little chance that either will have any problems in future. Their violation of NCAA rules was an error in judgment but does not apply to their future lives as NFL players.

Boone on the other hand violated the law by reportedly driving drunk then compounded the problem by resisting arrest. This is the kind of absence of judgment that may well occur again. In the past, a majority of players that have had problems involving law enforcement prior to the draft have had similar problems after becoming a pro.

In addition, the Boone … Read more at FryingPanSports