Please help me help our unemployed veterans.


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No man or woman that volunteered to fight for our nation should ever face unemployment or under-employment. We owe our veterans so much. As a result, I am offering an E-book I wrote for free to any veteran that requests it. There are no strings attached. I offer it because I want to honor their service to our nation.

From Unemployment to Wealth gives anyone the tools to find a sales job, get it, and succeed at it. Sales jobs are by far the most requested and highest paying positions. Average outside sales people can earn 100K or more a year. The book covers all kinds of sales jobs and the critical techniques to make the reader successful in them.

I have spent my career teaching sales people how to be effective and efficient. As a consultant I have worked for companies as large as Allied Van Lines and IBM to the smallest family owned retail store. I have included over 100 unique techniques that … Read more at FryingPanSports