5 Essential Tips for Track Athletes: Right Shoe Type


When you are participating in track and field events you need to have everything under control if things are going to end well. In this post we are going to tell you about 5 essential tips for dealing with this.

1. The Right Shoe Type

There are so many different types of shoes for track and field out there.  Note that there are subtle differences between track shoes for women and men. At times, picking the right shoes can be very overwhelming. Talk to any friends that you know have a decent amount of knowledge about track and field shoes, talk to your coach or look up on reviews on the Internet. Overview articles such as track and field shoes are great and provide a lot of value.

2. Choose the Right Foods

Especially in short term and periods prior the events. You don’t want to fill up with sugary things, whether it’s food or soda. You should fill up on a lot of water before the race, but be careful to stop at least 30 minutes before. Eating some slices of bread, a bagel or something similar in the morning is sufficient.

3. Relaxing

Move your different body … Read more at FryingPanSports

40 Speed is an over hyped factor.

Fryingpan Sports

40 Speed is an over hyped factor.


By Bill Smith

Speed kills, at least that is what we heard in drivers education. Speed can also kill the chances of some players to improve their draft position. While it can be important in some positions, the 40 speed is totally useless in the analysis of most NFL prospects for the draft.

The 40 time is important for WR and most CB but not as important as many think. For the WR, speed is a weapon to get open. But it is only one weapon, not the entire arsenal. Most of the very best WRs were not burners. They got open by use of great route running, knowledge of the opponent, great use of guile—fakes, and misdirection and could really catch the ball. A well known joke around the league is there is a good reason some players are DBs and not WR—THEY CAN’T CATCH.

Several track stars have tried their luck at the NFL with very little impact. Even if the track guys could get out into the pattern and away from press coverage, they usually couldn’t catch the ball. The outlawing of “stick-em” further reduced the chances of … Read more at FryingPanSports