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Local Youth Wrestling Clubs vs Little Guy

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Local youth wrestling clubs are one of the best ways to introduce kids to the sport of wrestling.  I believe local youth wrestling clubs provide a higher caliber of competition than the   little guy wrestling offered in the elementary schools. I have seen friends kids do real well in little guy tournaments, then come to the “big leagues” of club wrestling tournaments and find it much more difficult to win.

The other thing about local wrestling clubs vs little guy, is that the numbers of athletes in the clubs are often far larger. This is very helpful to wrestlers who are in a weight that there are fewer numbers of kids. It is difficult and potentially dangerous for a child to wrestle someone who is even 10 pounds heavier than themselves. So having a larger pool of kids to pair up greatly helps reduce this issue.

Another advantage of club wrestling is that the season is longer and there are far greater tournament choices to attend. Little guy wrestling tends to only last around one month, while club wrestling lasts often 4 months. There is also, what is referred to as “off-season or pre-season” tournaments all over the states between June –December. So technically, you could wrestle every month in the year if a person wanted to.

Just a note: local clubs are sanctioned by either USA Wrestling or AAU Wrestling.  Some clubs are sanctioned by both groups.  People have preferences on which association they like more, for one reason or another. But both offer tournaments in all styles of wrestling, ie: freestyle, folkstyle or Greco.  Bottom line, both associations goal is to promote the sport of wrestling in our youth, they just have different ways of doing so. Even if your club is an AAU club, that doesn’t prevent you from wrestling in a USAW sponsored tournament, as long as you have purchased a USAW card. Cards are good for one year. Your wrestling gear, particularly singlet color is determined by the association’s rules.

My thoughts on the second week of the NCAA Tournament.

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Fryingpan Sports

My thoughts on the second week of the NCAA Tournament.

By Bill Smith

Lots and lots and lots of chalk. The top 3 seeds dominated the play in the second week of the NCAA. Over all, the committee was right about the top dozen teams.

In the tournament, quality depth is critical.

As I said in My thoughts on betting the NCAA Tournament—For entertainment purposes only depth is critical for surviving and moving on. North Carolina’s depth was a major factor in both of their wins. In the critical minutes at the end of games their opponents had their hands on hips searching for a breath of oxygen while the NC starters were rested.

Don’t worry about top seed teams that lost early in their conference tournament. NC moved on while Duke failed to make the final 4.

After the first weekend, beware of the one man team. As good as Blake Griffin is, it is far too easy to stop a single player. Griffin will be the first choice in the NBA draft if he comes out (which he will). Even though he scored 23, NC found ways to keep him down when it counted.

Live by the 3 point shot, die by a cold shooting night. A number of teams that depended on 3 point shots were drummed out the door by a cold night. Ohio State failed to make the second round due to a cold night. Duke, Louisville, and Missouri all use the 3 point shot as a major part of their O and all lost.

Offense comes and goes but Defense is more reliable. Michigan State showed how important D is in winning a tough game. They ground out a win in typical Big 10 style. Despite a 38% shooting day, the Louisville D almost got them into the final 2 rounds. The problem was that MS’s D was better than Louisville’s. The best game on the road to Detroit was Villanova vs. Pitt. Two D focused teams battled it out until the final shot.

Bet on the point guard over the center. Kemba Walker for UConn and Ty Lawson for NC showed how valuable guard play is in the big dance. Both provided the fuel to get their teams to the final 4.

Listen to the experts. The top seeds moved on. Again, I don’t consider a 3 over a 1 as an upset. The top 12 teams made it to the final 16. Most experts don’t want to look stupid and are conservative with their picks. The cream rose to the top and we have 3 traditional powers in the final 4.

I hope my thoughts helped you win your pool—for entertainment purposes only of course.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits https://fryingpansports.com. He has also published several novels on and edits .

My email is [email protected]

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Saturday's Niblets from around the net for 03/14/09

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Fryingpan Sports

Saturday’s Niblets from around the net for 03/14/09


By Bill Smith

Best comment this week:

From Sportsbook on Capologist is the NFL MVP


You are right and it is unfortunate, but I have a feeling that this will get settled in the 11th hour like it was last time. Last time, the economy was good. This time, the NFL will look even worse if they can’t settle this mess and keep the fans happy.

Also, this will be Goodell’s first test. Yes, we know he’s a sheriff and can suspended players when necessary, but what about the labor talks? How competent is he with that?

My Analysis: we will all find out how good a negotiator he is soon enough. But it takes two parties committed to getting a deal done to accomplish a contract. My fear is that the campaign rhetoric coming from the candidates to replace Gene Upshaw as the Executive Director of the NFL Players Association indicates that Goodell may not have a reasonable partner with whom to bargain.


The 08-09 Cavilers are not your fathers team.

Thursday night the Cavs on their west coast road trip came back from a significant deficit to beat the Suns. While wins on the road don’t necessarily translate to NBA Championships, their road record against really good teams shows they have taken another step toward becoming a championship caliber team.

My Analysis: They are showing the physical style of play to beat teams in the east but can also play an up and down game to compete with the wide open style of the western conference.

Big name cuts in the NFL have little to do with the salary cap.

Big names continue to get cut. The Rams cut both OT Orlando Pace and WR Torry Holt. The Ravens cut CB Samari Rolle. We usually see these cuts after June 1 so that the cap hit can be spread over a couple of cap years. This year there is no cap in 2010 onto which a team can spread the hit. As a result, the teams are making all their cuts now.

News from around the net:

A-FRAUD Jersey has been baned by MLB.

One of the fastest selling jerseys in the MLB has been banned. The Commissioner’s office announced that it will outlaw the shirts.

My Analysis: While that may not be a violation of free speech guaranteed in the Constitution, it is at least proof that the truth hurts. A-Fraud probably called the Commish and complained that it hurt his feelings.

The Cincinnati Bungles do something right!

The Bengals signed WR FA Lavernious Coles. Former Jet Coles is not only a vet, he is a true professional and a gentleman.

My Analysis: Maybe the Bungles have learned that players that hang out in the Hamilton County Correctional facility don’t really help you win games.

Syracuse basketball team shows real grit in the Big East Tournament.

Syracuse and Connecticut played a marathon 6 over time game Thursday night. Despite the fact that both teams will be in the Big Dance, the teams fought it out until after 1AM eastern time. Syracuse finally won the game. It was one of the most exciting games I have seen in a very long time.

As the winner, they got to play a tough West Virginia team on Friday night. The team showed great grit in fighting all the way against a much more rested Mountaineer club. Orange was behind much of the game and clawed their way to as much as a 5 point lead late in the second half. But for the Orange, this year nothing is easy. WV tied the score and forced the game to overtime. Even though the Orange looked deflated as the clock hit 0.0, they somehow found the energy deep inside them to win it in overtime.

My Analysis: In many ways, the grit of the Orange reminds me of the way that the Cavs grind out wins. This game was sloppy at times due to fatigue but the intensity of play is what makes college sports so special. Things only get screwed up when the “adults” get in the way of the kids playing the game.

Two Ohio State NFL Draft prospects use their pro day at OSU to try to recover from bad 40 times at the combine.

CB Malcolm Jenkins ran a relatively respectable unofficial time of between 4.46 seconds and 4.53 seconds in the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day according to Plain Dealer reporter Doug Lesmerises. His teammate RB Chris Wells unofficially ran between 4.34 seconds and 4.46 seconds.

My Analysis: The pro day will help Wells much more than Jenkins. Times between 4.46 and 4.53 will cause some teams to categorize him as a safety rather than a CB. That could drive him down in the draft to at best a late 1st early second round pick. Jenkins has to hope that his work on the field will convince at least one GM that he can be a shut down corner worthy of a top 15 selection.

Wells should regain the status as the top running back in the draft with his time. However, his durability will still be a concern.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits https://fryingpansports.com. He has also published several novels on and edits .

My email is [email protected]

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