Player’s suit over Toradol hurts NFL’s drug suspension legitimacy


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A dozen former NFL players are suing the league over the use of the pain killer Toradol before and during games without advising them of the side effects of the drug. This suit is one of several against the league dealing with health issues. But the use of a pain killer like Toradol by the league drills holes in its drug policy.

The use of pain killers is just another example of the NFL’s duplicity about drug use. While they have a test 10 times more stringent than the Olympics on weed, they are funding a study to see if that drug helps in recovery from concussion syndrome. While they want to appear tough on weed, they are negotiating with the NFLPA to swap testing for marijuana for testing for human growth hormone. The league injects players with a drug without telling them about the side effects and penalizes them for taking a prescription drug unless they have approved it prior to use.

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