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News, Notes and Rumors

Bill Smith


The Eagles were one of my Golden 5 picks against the
Seahawks—to lose of course.  They did and
the team is in shambles.  With just 4
wins the entire organization is on the hot seat.  But right now it does not look like HC Reid
will lose his job.  However, he may opt
to quit to take one of the jobs that will be open.

The Bengals are not ready to challenge either the
Ravens or the Steelers yet.  But they are
much better and are the odds on favorite to take over when age finally takes
the other two down.

While the Colts have not yet won, they are not
giving up.  They scored 24 against the
Pats.  That is a good sign for them but a
very bad sign for the Pats D.  The Pats
cannot win in the playoffs with a pass D that bad.

The Tebow effect is alive and well.  He brought the team back against the Vikes to
win 35-32.  The Broncos may even make the
playoffs but the run first O will not go far against the top teams in the AFC.

The Cowgirls are struggling.  The loss to … Read more at FryingPanSports

What did we learn from week 4 of the College Football Season?


The Big 10 (+1) knows how to schedule pre-league games.

Whether it is #2 Ohio State vs. Directional (Eastern) Michigan or #18 Iowa vs. Ball Corporation State, with just a few exceptions the Big 10 has played mostly easy opponents. Even so, a few teams had problems with the sisters of the poor. Northwestern struggled to defeat another Directional Michigan (Central) 30-25. Worse yet Purdue lost badly to Toledo of the MAC.

A few good games

#1 Alabama went to #10 Arkansas and came from behind in the 4th quarter to win 24-20. The game may have hurt QB Mallett’s pro prospects because he suffered 3 picks only one of which was not his fault.

#3 Boise St. beat #24 Oregon State 37-24. Except for a game against the current #25 Nevada, this was Boise’s last chance on a national stage to impress the voters and the computer of their case for inclusion in a National Championship game. Their win over Virginia Tech looked good until VTk lost to James Madison. The computers are killing Boise due to the “strength of schedule” factor to the point that I don’t think Boise can get into the Big Game.

#5 Oregon looked … Read more at FryingPanSports

What did we learn from college football this week? Who is going where.


Alabama and Texas will play for the mythical BcS championship.

Alabama looked great and Texas got VERY lucky to win its game against Nebraska. Texas tends to play down to the competition too often to be favored against Bama. Texas has been living on luck in several games and their luck runs out against the Tide.

Rose Bowl Ohio State and Oregon.

The Buckeyes are going to have to focus on their running game and stopping the run. Even though they practice against a running QB, the team has always had trouble stopping an offense based around that. Oregon has one of the best running games in college football. All Big 10+1 teams have trouble going west and Oregon has just the kind of team that will give the Buckeyes fits.

Sugar Bowl Florida and Cincinnati

This should be one of the most interesting games of the bowl season. The question is can the Cincy D handle Tebow and the Florida O? I think that TCU would be a better match up for the Gators but they will get Boise. The other question is who will be coaching the Bearcats. Coach Kelly is said to be high on the ND … Read more at FryingPanSports