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Tony Willliams of the Metro New York paper joins me at 6:10
EST to talk about the NFL from a national perspective.


Then at 6:45 Eric
Galko joins me to talk Browns NFL Draft.
We will discuss talk in detail about the needs of the teams that will be
in front of the Browns, who they will likely pick and what choices the Browns
might have.


David Pear will join us to update us on the law suits by the
retired NFL players against the league and the NFLPA.


Join us for some of the best Cleveland based sports talk



Also be sure to join Dactar for his Browns Pre-game show 45
minutes before kickoff.  Then for in game
chat, join Mr. Moohead and me on
and stay tuned for his half time and post-game analysis (and rant if the team
loses or plays poorly which is too often the case).


Bill Smith is a former
coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball,
done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent.
He edits
and was a senior writer for
He has also published several novels on

and a non-fiction work at

He edits .  


News, Notes and Rumors

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Bill Smith


The Eagles were one of my Golden 5 picks against the
Seahawks—to lose of course.  They did and
the team is in shambles.  With just 4
wins the entire organization is on the hot seat.  But right now it does not look like HC Reid
will lose his job.  However, he may opt
to quit to take one of the jobs that will be open.

The Bengals are not ready to challenge either the
Ravens or the Steelers yet.  But they are
much better and are the odds on favorite to take over when age finally takes
the other two down.

While the Colts have not yet won, they are not
giving up.  They scored 24 against the
Pats.  That is a good sign for them but a
very bad sign for the Pats D.  The Pats
cannot win in the playoffs with a pass D that bad.

The Tebow effect is alive and well.  He brought the team back against the Vikes to
win 35-32.  The Broncos may even make the
playoffs but the run first O will not go far against the top teams in the AFC.

The Cowgirls are struggling.  The loss to the weak Cards showed flaws in
the team on both sides of the ball.  Too
much has been made of the timeout called by HC Garrett.  The problems go a lot deeper.  Garrett will probably be the HC in 2012 but
he better get the Girls playing better or else…

The Packers got by the Giants in what may have been
the biggest risk to a perfect season left on their schedule.  While the team would love to be perfect, they
are much more interested in winning back to back Super Bowls.

The Dolphins have now won 4 of their last 5 games
and the win over the Raiders was impressive.
The coaching staff has done a nice job in getting as much from a very
average roster as possible.  QB Moore has
played well competing 64% of his throws with 8 TDs and just 1 pick in that
period.  The D is playing better than
expected.  The team is winning enough to
take them out of the draft spot to get one of the top QBs.

Both the Lions and Bills started out the season
fast.  But the problem with newbies on
the big boy playground is they do not have the depth to win with the injuries
that always happen.  The Bengals won the
AFC North a couple of years ago because they suffered very few injuries.  Both the Lions and Bills are better but need
to get deeper to overcome injuries.




The Pack has clinched the NFC North.  The Bears lost their last 2 games and are in
a tailspin.  The O generated just 3
points against the Chiefs who lost another QB (Orton) during the game.  The Bears O scheme has struggled even when QB
Cutler was healthy.  There are no
legitimate WRs on the roster.  Now that
RB Forte is hurt, things will get worse.

The Sports Economist is reporting that the Security and Exchange Commission is investigating the financing of the Marlins stadium.  The issue is that county
commissioners financed the project without ever seeing the team’s

Browns fans need to have a lot of antacids on hand
prior to their game against the Steelers on Thursday and for the rest of the
season.  The team is not playing well and
both the Steelers and the Ravens will take their games against the Brownies
very seriously.  Thursday night will not
be pretty.




There will be a lot of NFL jobs available on Black
Monday January 3, 2012.

Jaguars have already fired their HC Del Rio.
Don’t be surprised if the GM goes as well.  The new owner will want his own guys.

The Colts
will replace their staff because they have a real shot at a perfect 0-16
record.  The team has not drafted well
and was totally unprepared for the injury to QB Manning.

The Chargers
will not make the playoffs and both GM Smith and the coaching staff will be

The Vikes will
likely replace their staff unless they win 3 of the 4 games remaining.

Dolphins have already been looking to replace their head coach.  So far no name brand has jumped at the

Texans are likely to replace their coach unless they not only make the playoffs
but win a game or 2.  While they might
stumble into the playoffs, the QB situation will prevent any chance of

The Rams
are struggling with 2 broken QBs.  But
the problems run to the selection of players and the lack of depth on the
roster.  Changes will come to the Rams.

The Bucs
coaching staff is in serious trouble.
While QB Freeman has not played well, the D has broken down and the
running game has struggled as well.  HC
Morris was expected to take this team to challenge for the playoffs.  Instead, the Bucs are in the running for a
top draft pick.

Even HC
Shanahan in Washington is in trouble.
That makes a total of 9 potential openings.  The Skins O have been a disaster.  Shanahan has changed QBs faster than most
people change underwear.  The running
game has disappeared.  And the coach was
supposed to be an O genius.

Bill Smith is a
former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and
basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has
scouted talent. He edits and hosts the
Internet version of News, Notes and Rumors on  Monday
–Thursday 6-7:30 PM EST.  He has also published several novels on

and a non-fiction work at




What did we learn from week 4 of the College Football Season?

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The Big 10 (+1) knows how to schedule pre-league games.

Whether it is #2 Ohio State vs. Directional (Eastern) Michigan or #18 Iowa vs. Ball Corporation State, with just a few exceptions the Big 10 has played mostly easy opponents. Even so, a few teams had problems with the sisters of the poor. Northwestern struggled to defeat another Directional Michigan (Central) 30-25. Worse yet Purdue lost badly to Toledo of the MAC.

A few good games

#1 Alabama went to #10 Arkansas and came from behind in the 4th quarter to win 24-20. The game may have hurt QB Mallett’s pro prospects because he suffered 3 picks only one of which was not his fault.

#3 Boise St. beat #24 Oregon State 37-24. Except for a game against the current #25 Nevada, this was Boise’s last chance on a national stage to impress the voters and the computer of their case for inclusion in a National Championship game. Their win over Virginia Tech looked good until VTk lost to James Madison. The computers are killing Boise due to the “strength of schedule” factor to the point that I don’t think Boise can get into the Big Game.

#5 Oregon looked good beating a good Arizona State team 42-31. But Oregon is going to have to play better D if it wants to win the PAC 10.

Perhaps the best game was #12 South Carolina at #17 Auburn with the home team winning on a 14 point 4th quarter comeback 35-27. They battled all game and both lost a large number of players some of which will likely not be ready for games this week.

Another game between top 25 teams pitted #22 West Virginia at #15 LSU. LSU held off WV and won 20-14 in another very physical game.

#14 Arizona has a great D but very little O. It struggled to beat Cal 10-9.

#19 Miami played well against one time ranked Pitt and won 31-3.

Interesting games this week and what to look for:

#7 Florida at #1 Alabama – Last year this game was all about Gator QB Tebow. This year watch Bama Senior QB McElroy. He is not highly ranked in the NFL draft but has some pro potential. Look for Bama to win in a hard fought game.

#9 Stanford @ #4 Oregon – The Cardinal won a tough game against Notre Dame last week and Oregon had a tight game against Arizona State. This game is critical in the PAC 10 since USC is not eligible for the league championship. The O of Oregon will be too much for Stanford and the Ducks win.

#11 Wisconsin at #24 Michigan State – Both teams are coming off big wins against inferior competition. Wisconsin is over rated and do not play as well away as at home. Both Ds are solid but Wisconsin have only had 1 tough game at Arizona State. They need to get RB Clay working early to win. The Spartans should win.

#21 Penn State @ #17 Iowa – Penn St looked terrible against Temple last week. The passing game is non-existent and the running game is too easily challenged by stacking the D line. Iowa has the front 7 to bottle up PS and should win.

Virginia Tech @ #23 N. Carolina St. – This is a chance for Tech to win back some credibility. They were badly over rated in the preseason and exposed by their 2 losses. NC State is under rated and a better team than most expect. NCS wins.

The Red River challenge is next week.

Both Texas (#7 last week) and #8 Oklahoma were looking ahead and it showed.

The Sooners displayed a lot of flaws in their 31-29 win at Cincinnati. The Bearcats are not close to the team that won the Big East last year. On both sides of the ball, the Sooners look vulnerable.

Texas was drilled at home by a UCLA team that was crushed 35-0 by then #25 Stanford in week 2. UCLA beat Texas in every aspect of the game and cruised to a 34-12 win. Texas fell from 7 to 21 after the loss.

Both Oklahoma and Texas have major problems and their game this week will be interesting. Even with the problems Oklahoma has, they should win.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits He has also published several novels on

and edits .

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What did we learn from college football this week? Who is going where.

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Alabama and Texas will play for the mythical BcS championship.

Alabama looked great and Texas got VERY lucky to win its game against Nebraska. Texas tends to play down to the competition too often to be favored against Bama. Texas has been living on luck in several games and their luck runs out against the Tide.

Rose Bowl Ohio State and Oregon.

The Buckeyes are going to have to focus on their running game and stopping the run. Even though they practice against a running QB, the team has always had trouble stopping an offense based around that. Oregon has one of the best running games in college football. All Big 10+1 teams have trouble going west and Oregon has just the kind of team that will give the Buckeyes fits.

Sugar Bowl Florida and Cincinnati

This should be one of the most interesting games of the bowl season. The question is can the Cincy D handle Tebow and the Florida O? I think that TCU would be a better match up for the Gators but they will get Boise. The other question is who will be coaching the Bearcats. Coach Kelly is said to be high on the ND wish list. He will interview this week for that job.

This is a critical game for the Big East to prove that it belongs among the big boys. Florida will be a good test. If you can’t play Big Boy football, it will be obvious.

Fiesta Bowl TCU and Boise State

The Fiesta is going to be a good game but it is too bad that these two teams couldn’t have faced a BcS team. A win against a team like Florida would have given the non BcS teams and leagues a lot of cred. I think that TCU has too much on both sides of the ball for BS.

Orange Bowl Iowa vs. Georgia Tech

Iowa got the invitation to Miami rather than Penn State because they won head to head. The Hawkeyes will have to find a way to jump out in front or risk having the Big 10 take another hit to the credibility of the league. Without their starting QB that will be tough. Based on the way things look now, GT wins this game.

We will look at the other bowls next week.

Other news:

WR Golden Tate and QB Jimmy Clausen declare for the NFL Draft. Evidently they don’t care to wait around to see who gets the ND job. That is a great move for Tate. Clausen has not advanced like everyone expected but still will be a prospect with a lot of potential.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits He has also published several novels on and edits .

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