NFL Week 6 review

pt+A11:B95Roethlisberger will have surgery today to trim torn meniscus in left knee. Hurt making a tackle on a pick
balb Suggs may have bicep tear which would put him out for the year  MRI today
clfs Poyer has a lacerated Kidney & concussion. Will likely be put on IR
SD+3 dv, PT-7 MI, OK pk KC, CN NE-9
SF16 BF45S LeSean McCoy scored 3 TDs leading BF to the win.
1-5      4-2Kaepernick got very little help and was very rusty. He led the team in rushing.
BF Taylor 17/26 179 20 McCoy 19/140 3 TDs. Clay 5c 52y
Kaepernick 13/29 187 10 8r 66y Smith 3c 76y TD
JK17 CH16Bortles hit Benn for a 51 y TD with 29 seconds on the clock to win the game.
2-3      1-5CH got out to a 13-0 lead but Bortles led JK back with 17 points in the 4th Q to win.
JK Bortles 20/33 271 11 Ivory 11/32 TD Hurns 5c 74y
CH Hoyer 30/49 302 00 Howard 15/34 Meredith 11c 113y
LA28 DT31Rams moved to LA but left their D in Saint Louis. LA allowed Strafford 4 TDs .
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The Browns have to stop the run in 15.

Note: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I reviewed the Browns defense after their free agent deals. The podcast is on

The Browns were in the top 5 against the pass in 2014. But as usual the numbers don’t tell the entire story. They were last—dead last—against the run. Given the harder schedule in 15, the Browns need to find ways to stop the run.

Part of the issue last year was the injuries along the front line. But the fact is that NT Phil Taylor was not playing well when he was healthy. The injuries to Desmond and Armonty Bryant hurt the pass rush as well as run defense as well.

Those of you that listen to NNR on the radio show page know that the Browns have struggled for years at containing the edge run. In the 3-4 defense that falls on the outside linebackers. They have to force the edge run back into the middle of the field where the defenders have help. Both Barkevious Mingo and Desmond struggled to hold the point of attack against the edge run.

In short, the Browns allowed their opponent to run almost at Read more at FryingPanSports

Browns comeback is not what it seems.


Yes, the Browns staged the greatest comeback for a road team in NFL history overcoming a 25 point deficit. And yes, the defense looked great in the second have holding the Titans scoreless. And the offense moved the ball seemingly at will. But the real story about the game is not in the statistics or in the game plans of both teams.

The story is simple. When Titan QB Jake Locker went out of the game with the thumb injury, the game was effectively over.

It seems I am the only one that remembers just how bad a QB Charlie Whitehurst really is. Assuming Locker is going to be out a while, the only hope the Titans have to win games is the 3rd string QB Zack Mettenberger.

Meanwhile the Browns have a ton of issues that must be resolved before they can become a factor in the AFC North.

The biggest one is the defense. The front 7 was pushed around Sunday like a pile of loose dirt by a bulldozer. Often the good but not great O line of the Titans pushed them 6 to 8 yards off the line of scrimmage. That is not acceptable. I Read more at FryingPanSports