Baseball is being Drug through the Drug tests

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Baseball is being Drug through the Drug tests

By Bill Smith

Commissioner Bud Selig is visiting the taro card reader again. This time he wants to know what he should do about the players that were caught on the 2003 test. Some leaks (beside the names of players on the list) have been coming out of the commissioner’s office about possible actions. These trial balloons have been floating around the Internet and talk radio to see what the public reaction would be.

Selig had to stand in line at the fortune teller’s door because she was in with ARod. He wanted to know what he could do to get past the steroid problem and get back to baseball.

Here are some of the alternatives being floated by Selig:

  1. Suspend ARod and anyone else on the 2003 list for the 50 game step 1 of the policy.

    Not so fast. The test was taken BEFORE there was a policy. The results were supposed to be kept confidential. They leaked out and the league and the union are responsible.

    My advice: Forget suspensions for the 104 on the list. That would violate the word of the league—not that it has

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